+10 Countries

Our solutions are used on 3 continents and in more than 10 countries.

+100 Clients

We have clients that are leaders in sectors such as transportation, maintenance, energy, utilities, etc.

+22.000 Users

More than 60 million monthly transactions handled.

+400 Processes

More than 400 processes mobilized.


Multi-device, multi-platform

Our solutions are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows 10 mobile, Windows Phone, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and will be compatible with future operating systems that may come. No hidden costs, full guarantee of compatibility with the leading devices on the market.


Multilanguage support to adapt to every local market of your company. Same solution, multiple languages.

Integration with corporate systems

Our solutions integrate quickly and easily with any business software (SAP PM, Dynamics NAV and CRM, Salesforce, ERP, SGA, TMS, etc.) or with any source of data necessary to perform work in the field (IoT, AI, SCADA, PLC, GIS, Sensors, Beacons, voice, etc.)

Geolocation and geofencing

You will be able to know the geographical location of all your workers and subcontractors in real time, allowing you to optimize the assignment of tasks based on this and other criteria. Combine it with your business data and you will get high added value for you and your customers.


Bring Your Own Device: We connect any worker in your company from any mobile device with maximum security, in real time and in the most efficient way for your business. Save on hardware costs and work with subcontractors with full assurance.

Integrated messaging

Maintain direct two-way communication between your mobile and office employees through multichannel messaging (FIELDEAS push, email, sms, etc.) integrated into the system.

Work online and offline

With FIELDEAS the productivity of your workers is guaranteed regardless of the connectivity conditions. Work with or without coverage and send or receive data when you have any communication cannel available.

Full performance devices

We use all the resources of mobile devices to obtain information that is more complete and easy to analyze: camera, recorder, NFC, OCR, compass, document scanning, digital signature, etc.

Integration with IoT, AI and voice

Connectors prepared to integrate with IoT, AI and voice elements and platforms. Complete the circuit by transforming information from the IoT world into the relevant field tasks.

Easy and fast customization

Technology ready to create and modify pre-designed solutions.

Pay-per-use (SaaS)

Pay for the actual use you make of the tool. Forget fixed fees and securely face one-off or lasting projects.


Implements solutions that are scalable in terms of number of users and processes. Centralize all your processes in one tool.


Our solutions can stay in cloud mode. You choose.

Autonomous BPM

Modeling business rules. Process automation.

Smart Metering

Information capture on energy use and safe delivery to the operations and control center.

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19 May 2022

I Estudio FIELDEAS sobre “Visibilidad en la cadena de suministro”

La visibilidad es un elemento imprescindible para la gestión de las cadenas de suministro y de las operaciones de transporte. Sin información sobre parámetros clave y en tiempo real la…

Gestión de slot

11 May 2022

Gestión de slot y planificación de rutas para una gestión avanzada del transporte

En los dos últimos años, todo un cúmulo de acontecimientos están haciendo evolucionar la gestión logística a pasos agigantados y la digitalización de la planificación de rutas y la gestión…

II Cena de Gala organizada por CEL en un acto benéfico por Ucrania

26 Apr 2022

Participamos en II Cena de Gala organizada por CEL en un acto benéfico por Ucrania

Coincidiendo con el Día Europeo de la Logística, el pasado 21 de abril se celebró la tradicional Cena de Gala del Centro Español de Logística, con la colaboración de Usyncro,…

Advanced Factories 2022

16 Mar 2022

FIELDEAS lleva a la feria Advanced Factories 2022 el potencial de la digitalización de procesos para la Industria 4.0

FIELDEAS tendrá una presencia destacada en la feria Advanced Factories 2022 que se celebra en el CCIB de Barcelona del 29 al 31 de marzo próximos. Advanced Factories es la…

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