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Total management, visibility and control of your business processes, from start to finish


What does it give me?

  • Activity planning by contract and resource
  • Automatic allocation by characteristics, availability or proximity of resources to work
  • Monitoring workload by resource and results of their performances
  • Final analysis of field activity
  • Integration of information with external systems
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What does it give me?

  • Easy user access to your work schedule
  • Ease of working online and offline
  • Display of jobs assigned by levels of priority
  • Receipt of notifications with the appearance of new jobs
  • Integrated navigation to destination
  • Assistance in real time of possible incidents
  • Simplicity for resolution and collection of data
  • Elimination of paper throughout the process
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What does it give me?

  • Work analysis by resource, location, type of work and time
  • Tracking resource efficiency
  • Final analysis of field activity
  • Exportation to the main integration formats such as Excel, JSON, XML, etc.
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¿Qué me aporta?

  • Integration with any external system (SAP, ERP, TMS, etc.)
  • Possibility of obtaining jobs from existing corporate systems
  • Reporting results to the original information systems
  • Possibility of integration with biometric signature, portable printers, thermal cameras, etc.
  • Exportation to the main integration formats such as Excel, JSON, XML, etc.


  • SAP, Dinamycs Nav, Dynamics Ax, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Maximo IBM, Oracle, JDA, SharePoint, GIS, Alfresco, Customized systems, etc.
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  • Full visibility of the entire business process in the field
  • Digitalize information on audits and inspections in real time
  • Improve the quality of information while minimizing errors
  • Avoid penalties complying with corporate image requirements
  • Create templates and generate dynamic forms
  • Assign optimized areas and routes for users in real time
  • Get metrics that allow decision making minimizing the risk factor
  • Manage incidents in a quick and agile way
  • Check and comply with the prevention of occupational risk requirements based on the work to be performed
  • Take advantage of all the resources of the device to obtain information in a more complete way (photos, videos, voice memos, document scanning) and easy to analyze
  • Increase the volume of actions in less time, becoming more efficient and competitive
  • Eliminate paper and administrative tasks by integrating information into your systems

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Gestión de slot y planificación de rutas para una gestión avanzada del transporte

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II Cena de Gala organizada por CEL en un acto benéfico por Ucrania

26 Apr 2022

Participamos en II Cena de Gala organizada por CEL en un acto benéfico por Ucrania

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Advanced Factories 2022

16 Mar 2022

FIELDEAS lleva a la feria Advanced Factories 2022 el potencial de la digitalización de procesos para la Industria 4.0

FIELDEAS tendrá una presencia destacada en la feria Advanced Factories 2022 que se celebra en el CCIB de Barcelona del 29 al 31 de marzo próximos. Advanced Factories es la…

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