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FIELDEAS provides you with key tools for coping with the drastic changes being experienced in the energy sector and affecting demand. They are linked to processes of green transition and digitalisation, and furthermore are causing new business models to emerge.

Our solutions can help you take a technological step towards a more sustainable future where you are better connected to your customers and ready for the emergence of new business segments such as self-supply.

Energy seeks to adapt to a society undergoing radical transformation

Spain largely relies on other countries to supply its energy needs. However, the promotion of clean energy sources, primarily wind and solar, is an opportunity that should be seized with both hands.

In this respect, self-supply accounts for 32% of national energy consumption, so there is clearly room for improvement here.

The energy sector is crucial for society and for economic activity. Energy costs are a key element dictating the future of industry, services and employment. The technological changes and green transition we are experiencing are trends that will shape the future of a more diversified and complex sector.

Spain imports 68% of the energy it consumes. In turn, oil and natural gas account for 66% of the primary energy used in the country.

Transformation of the electricity market, concerns about nuclear energy production, breakdown of the fossil fuel supply and the rise of renewable energy sources will set the course for a sector that will need to rely on new technologies to cope with major challenges.

The challenges for a more sustainable, customer-centric energy sector

The energy sector in Spain is facing a more complex scenario, at the mercy of the geopolitical convulsions sweeping the planet and hinting at some major trends for coming years:

  • Decarbonisation: social demand for sustainability is growing apace. The energy sector must square up to a scenario in which consumption continues to rise, whilst at the same time society demands cleaner energy sources.
  • Changes in demand: consumption patterns and lifestyle habits have changed significantly in recent decades. Mobility has increased, as has the use of new technologies and, in parallel, consumers are acquiring more decision-making power in more internationalised markets with more operators.
  • Digitalisation: this and energy transition entail radical changes in energy consumption that are forcing companies to adapt to a more complex and competitive scenario.
  • New business areas: the rise of renewable energy sources and the need to streamline energy expenditure are providing new business opportunities in the energy sector.
  • Globalisation: facing the fragmentation of national markets, the energy market is increasingly operating at the complex global level.

Digitalisation, a fundamental factor for transformation of the energy sector

Successful digital transition is crucial if the energy sector is to adapt to a new environment with new business models, fiercer competition and increasingly demanding customers to attend to.

Digitalisation is also essential for achieving a more sustainable energy sector that is able to respond to new demands and reduce Spain’s dependence on other countries for its energy needs.

Our products: crucial support for the energy sector

FIELDEAS is the ideal partner for driving digital transformation in the energy sector. Our experience in different business areas means that we know exactly what companies need to move towards an energy sector that is closer to its customers, more sustainable, and more competitive in an uncertain and demanding situation.

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