Fleet Management

All information at your fingertips

All fleet supervision and control capabilities in the palm of your hand. Using a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), FIELDEAS provides all the necessary tools for detailed control and monitoring of your fleet.

Get real-time control of your fleet

  • Real-time positioning: Show the last position received from the vehicle.
  • History of positions: Show positions at a given moment in time.
  • Route between two time points: Show the route taken between two moments in time.
  • Comparison of ideal route vs. actual route: Show overlapping the planned route against the actual route.

Anticipate incidents with automated alarm management

  • Exit scheduled zone
  • Stop longer than X minutes
  • Excess speed

Integrate information with your business processes and you will get the maximum return

  • Assignment of tasks based on optimal route
  • Estimates of arrival at destination
  • Automated customer alerts
  • Activity tracking

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