Boost your operations
by creating smart, rapid
and intuitive forms

Digitalise your forms quickly and easily

  • Perform your operations more efficiently using forms that help you make decisions at the appropriate time.
  • Create definitive reports automatically and save on administration costs.
  • Analyse all of your company information using a standardised data model.
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  • Digitalise all forms and achieve 100% successful field operations.
  • Optimise your management and make the most of data standardisation to eliminate data collection errors.
  • Information validated directly upon production by means of automatic rules.
  • No waiting times; use of over-the-air (OTA) technology enables changes in company processes to be updated directly during field operations


Take photos, audio and video recordings

Document digitalisation

Electronic signature

Automatic calculations

QR / Barcode scanning

Image selection

Offline mode

  • “Report On Time” definitive results immediately upon completion of field activity, saving time on low added value administrative work.
  • Overview of activity, “Information not just data”, so that you can define and develop your KPI and make decisions quickly.
  • Always connected, FIELDEAS Forms permits all data collected to be integrated with corporate systems. Using our API, we can integrate with the following systems: SAP, IBM Maximo, Salesforce, etc.
  • Watertight security for your data throughout the process, starting with encrypted login for data collection through to sending encrypted information via HTTPS secure connections.
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Who can benefit from FIELDEAS Forms?


Production control · Maintenance schedules


Haulage quality · Safety controls


ISO certifications · MOT inspections


Security patrols · Entrance control


Incident handling · Inventory control

  • Provides the people who really understand processes the capacity to digitalise company processes through creating forms. Use our templates or create new forms using drag and drop, connect them to your operations and forget about the technical stuff.
  • Create dashboards designed to show company KPI reliably thanks to their standardised data structure.

Allocate, check and analyse all data easily. All information securely centralised and filed in FIELDEAS Forms, accessible wherever and whenever you need them.

FIELDEAS Forms simplifies even the most complex tasks. An intuitive interface that can operate offline, field-tested, which allows your team to enter all required information in a single place, straight away.

Information visible in real time with customisable notifications and access to document information from a single environment.

How do we do this?

1 Design and build

We create forms quickly using all available device capacities (photo, audio, video, signature, location, QR code reading, NFC,…).

2 Planning and execution

FIELDEAS Forms simplifies even the most complex tasks. Give your team the chance to enter all information required in a single location, immediately.

3 Check and analysis

We integrate with numerous ERP, CRM etc. systems, back office systems, so that field information can be included wherever necessary.

+25 %

Increase in productivity

+50 %

Less time spent on administrative work

Ready to connect with other products

FIELDEAS Track and Trace

Increased visibility and traceability in tracking goods, vehicle and container inspections, quality controls,… using customised forms

The ability to use forms to control resources, check goods quality, and advanced incident handling.

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FIELDEAS Maintenance

Forms provides a tool for Maintenance for improved implementation of maintenance schedules, allowing control forms to be created

Forms flexibility means that control forms can be created based on asset model, task type or technical location.

More info

FIELDEAS Field Service

Configured as an add-on to work orders, it enables more information about the tasks to be performed to be received in the field

The capacity of dynamic forms enables technicians to implement the correct actions based on responses given, and the diversity of data collection components offered by Forms means that installations, repairs or maintenance operations can be checked to be correct.

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