All your systems connected with a single tool

This module allows integration with any management system, reducing duplication, sharing information seamlessly, providing flexibility to the implementation of our Business Mobility and Field Services solutions, providing cost savings and improving efficiency in the digital transformation of companies.


  • SAP
  • Dinamycs Nav
  • Dynamics Ax
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Maximo IBM
  • Oracle
  • JDA
  • SharePoint
  • GIS
  • Alfresco
  • Customized systems

Track&Trace integration

  • Route integration from any external system (SAP, TMS, ERP or Customized systems)
  • Completion and closing of routes including customer acceptances (signature and scan of acceptance document)
  • Return of the information made to the system of origin (dump of scanned documents and images of incidents in repository)
  • Notification of incidents en route (vehicle or merchandise) to security teams or managers
  • Integration with onboard tracking systems and/or merchandise temperature gauges (use of data and graphical display on the web portal linked to routes)

SAT integration

  • Receipt of work orders from corporate systems
  • Warehouse synchronization for account assignment management
  • Update on the progress of activities
  • Creation of work in real time
  • Completion and closing of orders including customer acceptances
    • Signature
    • Scan of acceptance document
  • Generation and sending of digital work
  • Allocation incurred
    • Trips
    • Man hours
    • Materials

Integration of Audits and Inspections:

  • Integration with any external system (SAP, ERP, TMS, etc.)
  • Possibility of obtaining works from existing corporate systems
  • Reporting results to the origins of systems information
  • Possibility of integration with biometric signature, portable printers, thermal cameras, etc.
  • Exports to the main integration formats such as Excel, JSON, XML, etc.

Integration of Commercial Management:

  • Integration of the different commercial routes with their corresponding clients from any external system (SAP, NAV, Informix, etc.)
  • Integration of product catalog, tariffs and promotions from the corresponding system.
  • Integration with warehouse systems to manage the availability of different products in the company’s warehouses.
  • Return of information carried out in the field, to the customer’s external system:
    • Dump of orders and delivery notes generated by different salespeople.
    • Dump of collections made by salespeople in different customers.
    • Variations of stock of products of the different warehouses.
    • Sending graphic documentation attached to the order placed in the field, such as scanned delivery notes or photographs of the delivered goods.
  • Notification of incidents reported by salespeople on commercial routes.
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