Connected to the revolution

IoT technologies are changing the way people relate to devices. This change means the appearance of new interaction scenarios that have a significant impact on the installation, supervision and maintenance of these devices.

Our IoT module allows you to interact with a wide variety of field devices. Through our catalog of connectors that implements more than 100 technologies, you can automate the following activities:

  • Remote monitoring of devices for creating work orders
  • Capturing information in real time from their devices
  • Verifications in the field of values and parameters, which ensure the correct execution of tasks
  • Remote configuration by writing on different devices

By applying this module, you can obtain the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency in the field work
  • Simplification of installation and maintenance tasks
  • Increased visibility for your technicians throughout the process
  • Increased customer satisfaction. The work is completed on site
  • Increased employee satisfaction
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