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FIELDEAS is the right partner for ensuring that maintenance procedures run like clockwork. This way, machinery and equipment are guaranteed to operate in the best conditions, and their service life to be used to the full.

Technology has enabled maintenance activities to go beyond simply reacting to a situation or being something done merely at specified intervals.

Continuous monitoring enables any anomalies to be anticipated, any failures requiring action to be detected and any intervention to be performed quickly.

With the right technological support, maintenance tasks cease to be a formality involving downtime and become an integral part of production, adjusted to industrial requirements and fully centred on keeping machinery safe and in optimal operating conditions.

The different facets of maintenance

Maintenance operations encompass highly diverse tasks with different aims.

On the one hand, corrective maintenance focuses on remedying defects or malfunctions detected. In turn, this can be done immediately or scheduled for a later date, requiring shutdown of the facility or equipment concerned so that the necessary repairs can be carried out.

And on the other, preventive maintenance aims to keep equipment operating reliably, reducing the likelihood of accident or breakdown due to deterioration through neglect.

Preventive maintenance can be of diverse types: scheduled, predictive, based on opportunity, an upgrade, or for the purpose of maintaining reliability.

Up-to-date maintenance

By digitalising processes FIELDEAS can optimise operations, starting with automatic detection of incidents and following through to correcting any issue by means of operations in the field.

Applying technology to maintenance enables downtime to be minimised, administrative tasks to be done away with, safety to be enhanced and decisions made more quickly in complex scenarios.

FIELDEAS software optimises dealing with production line incidents, thereby increasing output and customer satisfaction and reducing quality-related issues.

Our products improve the coordination of maintenance operations

FIELDEAS facilitates the management of the complex and vital task that maintenance represents. Optimising it through digitalisation enhances equipment safety, extends its service life and minimises any downtime. Technology helps to turn a traditionally reactive activity into a proactive and coordinated one.

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