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FIELDEAS is a guarantee for safety in the nuclear domain. In an innovative industry, new technologies give an essential edge in a strategic sector.

Since its arrival in Spain in the 1960s, nuclear energy has consolidated itself as a crucially important factor in the country’s energy supply.

However, the fact that Spain is now backing renewable energies and the energy transformation is leading to the dismantlement of nuclear power plants that have given excellent service in optimum conditions of safety and which, in many cases, are coming to the end of their service life.

A sector where safety is the watchword

Two nuclear energy facilities are currently being dismantled in Spain: the Vandellós I plant in Tarragona and the José Cabrera plant near Madrid. A third plant in Santa María de Garoña, Burgos, is in the pre-dismantlement stage.

The Vandellós plant ceased operation in 1989, and in 2004 was placed in dormant condition for 25 years until full dismantlement in 2028.

The José Cabrera nuclear power plant, better known as Zorita, in the province of Guadalajara, ceased operation on 30 April 2006 and is currently being dismantled.

Lastly, the Santa María de Garoña plant undergoing pre-dismantlement following the refusal in 2017 of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda to renew its operating licence.

Handling the complexity of dismantlement

The procedures for dismantling nuclear energy plants are complex. Numerous variables come into play and nothing can be left to chance.

Safety is the primary concern, and bringing technology to bear enables all stages to be handled with the fullest guarantees.

The purpose is to monitor at all times, with maximum visibility and minimum risk, activities such as taking down the reactor, removing spent fuel, containing operating waste and removing waste.

Similarly, there is the requirement to preserve the areas where nuclear power plants with long dormancy periods are located. Long-term care must be envisaged to prevent risks to the environment, people, flora and fauna in such locations.

The use of new technologies throughout the process will permit a project that needs to result in the full environmental restoration of each location to be tackled, and in which there is no margin for error.

All such projects are strictly regulated in view of the hazardous nature of nuclear fuel and waste, and are subject to regular inspections and audits. Utilising new technologies in this respect means that these activities can be done more exhaustively and rapidly, since information can be exchanged and low-value tasks minimised so that personnel can focus on safety and fulfilment of process requirements.

Digitalisation, a key tool for administrative management

Technology plays a vital role in reducing bureaucratic burdens, providing transparency and bolstering key considerations such as critical facility safety in complex processes.

Our products leverage safety in the dismantlement of nuclear power plants

FIELDEAS is the ideal partner for ensuring paper trail security when nuclear power plants are in the process of being dismantled, so that lengthy processes are completed with the utmost transparency and guarantees.

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