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The pharma and medical devices sector, benchmark of reliability and safety

The health and pharma sector is a fundamental pillar of market economies. In Spain, home to over one hundred plants manufacturing medicines for human use, the sector generates over 183,000 direct and indirect employment posts and production valued at 16,000 million euros.

Furthermore, the sector does considerable business outside Spain, given that three-quarters of the medicines manufactured in this country are exported.

These impressive figures say a great deal about the sector’s economic weight. However, its importance extends further still if we take into account the role it plays in the wellbeing of the population as the essential mainstay of the public and private sector health system.

In order to guarantee safety and quality, the pharma and medical devices sector is subject to stringent controls that ensure the safety and reliability of a key sector.

Maximum guarantees in pharma supply chains

Pharma sector operation is subject to tight controls on the different stakeholders in its value chain, ranging from active ingredient suppliers to production, distribution and sales. These requirements demand the use of new technologies for managing the increasing complexity of this sector of the economy and complying with the stringent controls in place in Spain, one of the world’s most demanding markets in the context of Europe.

FIELDEAS: boosting reliability and control in a demanding business

FIELDEAS has an extensive portfolio of solutions for digitalisation, visibility, quality and management of field operations, with a view to increasing competitiveness and ensuring that standards are met in the pharma and medical devices sector.

We bring you the technology you need to ensure that your operations are of the highest quality and that you have full control over each detail in the chain.

FIELDEAS offers you its services for moving towards better quality control and minimisation of errors, at no detriment to your costs and keeping bureaucratic procedures fully managed at all times.

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