Optimization and efficiency in your business processes

The planning module allows an organization to structure the distribution of field tasks and dynamically assign activities according to efficiency criteria:

  • Location of resources in the organizational hierarchy
  • Operator profile, restricting in any case the assignment of the activity to the optimal resources
  • Availability of resources. The allocation algorithm considers both the availability of resources and the workload assigned to them.
  • Distance between activities. The system performs an optimal route calculation for the distribution of activities. This reduces average travel times and increases the number of productive hours.
  • Characteristics: Other capabilities available to operators, which are restrictive or decisive from the point of view of efficiency
    • Experience
    • Special qualifications for the job
    • Professional certifications
    • Other

Additionally, the module provides capabilities for manual activity management and supervision of the activity, with special attention to deviations, the appearance of new activities, their criticality. The management panel allows the manager to make the best decisions, showing in a simple way all the relevant information for management of the activity.

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