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Quality and safety are pillars of industrial policy directed at workers, end users and the general public.

Industrial safety imposes a series of obligations on facilities, and their compliance needs to be checked. In turn, quality entails product fulfilment of a series of features.

In both cases, quality and safety are monitored by means of regulations and standards.

Compliance with the requirements laid down by standards and regulations requires careful monitoring of information.

Quality and safety, essential requirements in the European market

The European Union is one of the world’s safest and most advanced markets. This has been achieved through a development process with quality and safety at its core.

In this respect, quality and safety accreditation is crucial for the proper operation of a transparent, quality-centric market so that industry on the continent can be fully competitive, and so national and European authorities can check and trust the certificates issued in any EU country.

This facilitates the free movement of goods around the European Economic Area, based on all of the bodies and agencies operating under these premises being able to prove their technical ability impartially and independently.

As regards quality, its framework in EU countries entail two activities: accreditation and standardisation.

On the one hand, accreditation is intended to ensure that certification, testing, calibration and inspection agencies work in a proper technical manner, acting impartially and independently.

And on the other, standardisation is voluntary and involves drafting standards to ensure the harmonisation and quality of goods and services.

Towards total audit control

With regard to quality and safety, data collection is crucial.

FIELDEAS provides solutions for creating dynamic forms so that field data can be collected quickly and reliably for use in audits or in quality and safety checking processes.

In addition, FIELDEAS tools enable components adding more value to be included, for example photos, signatures, and digitalisation of documents and maps. These can then be easily shared and sent for rapid assessment.

Shortening the time taken to perform audits and inspections enables quality and safety standards to be implemented more quickly, whilst at the same time reducing paperwork.

Our products promote efficiency and control in quality and safety

FIELDEAS offers tools that facilitate quality and safety accreditation and standardisation processes and that, in addition, permit the inclusion of elements which faithfully demonstrate compliance with standards. Save time and earn a reputation for reliability; this makes you a solid competitor in the European environment.

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