Optimise and centralise
communications between
your employees


  • Handle activities, incidents and notifications via instant messaging.
  • Connect your workers with experts when they need technical support to perform their tasks.
  • Communication between control centre and workers via our Push to Talk module.
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Collaborative chat

  • Collaborative environment
    For interconnecting all company departments when handling activities, incidents, alarms, etc.
  • Create communication groups
    Dynamically, manually or automatically based on own events or events created by third party systems (MES, GMAO, ERP, SCADA, IoT, PLCs)
  • Prioritisation algorithms
    Speed up decision-making based on configurable business rules involving all company profiles, and shorten issue resolution times.
  • Full traceability
    Of each case and a detailed record of resolution times, closure reasons and agreements between participants.
  • All data standardised
    Create dynamic reports for each case and analyse your business data in depth using KPI and dashboards.


  • Integrate your voice communications and operating procedures on a single device.
  • Global communications with your connected teams, regardless of their physical location.
  • Smart communications management. Set up your communications channels dynamically, adjusting them to the requirements of each scenario.
  • Access your voice communications via a multi-channel model and ensure that all your teams are interconnected.
  • Secure your communications via private P2P channels.
Dispositivo móvil con Talk App

Structure your corporate communication channels

Centralised information on a single system

Cooperation between in-house and outsourced positions

Full traceability throughout activity lifecycle

Secure, efficient communications. No more paper.

Integrate process support information

Multi-channel digital communications (photo, video, audio,…)

Integrate communications flows with your corporate systems

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  • Speed up your support procedures with virtual video rooms. Request assistance at any time, from any location and from any device.
  • Connect your workers with technical experts and maximise the efficiency of your field operations.
  • Create a collaborative environment designed to provide remote technical support for incident troubleshooting and correction.
  • Reduce travel for your technical experts and optimise your field force, shortening resolution times.
  • Use augmented reality to superimpose information on actual images with text, graphics or drawings.
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Who can benefit from FIELDEAS Talk?


Prioritise production incidents · Quality control · Mobile walkie-talkie · Expert remote support · Control centres


Remote support · Security controls


Remote proof · Inter-departmental communication · Re-routing product to source department


Security patrols · Entrance surveillance · Issues resolved in situ

  • A process that handles all communications from a single application.
  • Guided creation of incidents.
  • Inter-departmental communication channels.
  • Remote technical assistance for task execution.
  • Online notification of activity-related actions.
  • Full transparency between workers.
  • Monitor incidents by zones from mobile device.
  • Plan worker tasks based on workload.
  • Refer alarms to source department responsible.
  • Traceability of the information supplied by each worker involved in incident correction.
  • Communication with different zone managers via direct voice channels.
  • Supervision of worker execution of tasks via video calls.

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FIELDEAS Track&Trace

Connects hauliers with traffic managers to address any delivery issues

Increased Track and Trace capacity with more efficient management, and traceability of incidents in haulage processes.

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FIELDEAS Maintenance

Creation of scalable chat with main stakeholders to implement corrective actions and handle notifications

Connects workers via a channel that enables them to communicate with each other directly.

Remote online technical assistance from expert technicians to support your factory operations.

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FIELDEAS Field Service

Your work teams always connected, wherever they are and whenever they need

Complements your field activities to enhance communications capacity so that tasks are correctly executed.

Remote supervision of critical activities performed by your technicians.

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Create a communications channel for addressing any anomalies arising during inspections

Assistance for completing an activity via video call with support technicians.

Ensure task completion with video evidence of correct implementation.

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