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What does it give me?

  • Complete traceability of the routes with incident information and delivery note scanning
  • Real-time monitoring and calculation of the expected arrival
  • Managing your routes by transport agencies
  • Access to all segment information through advanced filters
  • Reassigning routes and communication between agency and carrier
  • Creation and distribution of routes to carriers
  • Web portal as a centralized source of information with graphic representation of upcoming departures and arrivals
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What does it give me?

  • Automated user creation with integration and SMS notification
  • Making routes with the possibility of creating incidents and scanning documents
  • Merchandise management up to the benchmark level with barcode reading
  • Trailer exchange
  • Management of breaks, overnight stays and secure parking
  • Transfer routes between drivers using QR code authentication
  • Geolocation of all actions of the carrier
  • Event completion at loading or unloading stops
  • Online panic button for alarms
  • Elimination of paper throughout the process
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What does it give me?

  • Comparison of theoretical routes vs. actual routes taken by carriers
  • Identification and correction of loading and unloading points by geolocation of the completion of the stops
  • Analysis of the routes taken by each business or division with theoretical times vs. actual times used
  • Carbon footprint analysis based on data obtained from engine types and vehicle consumption on routes
  • Percentage of incidents on routes that do or do not affect delivery and therefore the end customer
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What does it give me?

  • Route integration from any external system (SAP, TMS, ERP or Customized System)
  • Completion and closure of routes including customer acceptances (signature and scanning of acceptance document)
  • Return of information made to the system of origin (dump of scanned documents and images of incidents in repository)
  • Notification of incidents en route (vehicle or merchandise) to security teams or managers
  • Integration with on-board tracking systems and/or merchandise temperature gauges (data usage and graphic display in the web portal linked to routes)


  • SAP, Dynamics Nav, Dynamics Ax, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Maximo IBM, Oracle, JDA, SharePoint, GIS, Alfresco, Customized systems, etc.
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Applicable modules


  • Have full visibility of the entire supply chain, even outsourced
  • Shorten the billing process through the digitization of delivery notes
  • Reduce and manage incidents in real time
  • Minimize stock by handling reliable information on the estimated time of receipt of the merchandise
  • Obtain carbon footprint information from carriers and be able to take measures to improve it
  • Assign and reallocate routes to carriers in real time
  • Check the status of your entire fleet and at all times
  • Optimize the route of your carriers
  • Insure your merchandise through information systems
  • Eliminate paper and administrative tasks by integrating information into your systems
  • Improve the timeliness of your deliveries and collections

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