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A special feature of the transport sector is the high degree of outsourcing it has, which adds an extra degree of difficulty in improving the processes that are carried out in the sector.

Another is that it is a key sector, whose level of performance directly affects the value chain of the companies to which it offers services. This fact makes it a doubly pressured sector, both by its natural competitors and by the end customer that receives its services. That is why, for some years now, a level of service close to excellence is required in the sector.

FIELDEAS offers a transport solution capable of responding to the main technological needs of the sector, which normally revolve around offering greater visibility, control, traceability and management of all activities carried out by carriers, whether their own or outsourced. This information is useful for the transport company, helping to improve the process substantially, but also for the client who may be offered a level of service as required.

The FIELDEAS transport solution will allow you to:

  • Uniformly manage carriers, either your own or subcontracted
  • Have a complete view of the status of routes
  • Manage all processes carried out (pick-ups, deliveries, exchange of goods, change of drivers, overnight stays in safe parking, etc.)
  • Documentation and delivery notes scanning, allowing accelerated billing
  • Manage incidents on routes and be able to take remedial action in time
  • Obtain carbon footprint information
  • Integrate any third-party system to receive or send information (TMS, ERP, CRM, Thermographs, etc.)
  • Considerably simplify low-value office work

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