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#1 End-to-end visibility

Digital transformation always leads to customers

Dealing with an unprecedented digital transformation process is a real challenge. Managing to take this project beyond set boundaries and achieving new goals is a triumph.

Through using new technologies, Repsol has managed to turn a process designed to improve safety in its transport operations into one of its key tools for customer service.

The secret of this whole initiative lies largely in the ability to properly process a great deal of data that are turned into specific information.

We came up against a lot of barriers, both cultural and technological, and even management or purely economic ones. The challenge has been taking them all on and overcoming them.

– María José García

Describing this experience from a personal perspective, María José García, Logistics Models and Services Manager for Lubricants, Asphalt and Specialities at REPSOL, and Philippe Le Bail, Manager of Onshore Logistics Operations for Chemicals at REPSOL, analyse with Óscar López, Managing Director of FIELDEAS, what the process was like for them and the benefits it provided.

Operating in a complex ecosystem, the energy company has successfully consolidated the entire information flow in one place for its onward transmission to each of the stakeholders in its supply chain.

We ended up with total control of operations. It was an objective we achieved. The change was not only technological, it was also cultural.

– Philippe Le Bail

It’s been a rocky road. María José García and Philippe Le Bail describe all the obstacles they came up against during development of the project and how they not only overcame them, but also managed to take this initiative beyond expectations and transform it into the definitive tool for customer service.

A key element of its success has been cooperation between the company itself, its stakeholders and its technological partner.

Repsol has managed to prove that information is power. Power that is devolved to customers. Customers who, at the end of the day, are the engine that drives the activity of any company.


Óscar López Tresgallo
Managing Director of FIELDEAS

María José García
Logistics Models and Services Manager for Lubricants, Asphalt and Specialities at REPSOL

Philippe Le Bail
Manager of Onshore Logistics Operations for Chemicals at REPSOL


Customer: REPSOL

Solution: FIELDEAS Track and Trace

130 companies
transportation providers

120k expeditions
monitored per year

100% paperless
business process

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