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#2 Towards proactive transport

The secrets of predictive transport management

Sustainability and digitalization are two trends that dominate the logistics management landscape today, but which a few years ago were uncharted territory.

Sustainability and digitization are two of the pillars on which DHL Supply Chain has been building its intense activity for the past two decades.

With these two objectives as a guide, in 2014, DHL Supply Chain made a radical shift in its transportation management.

The operator was seeking greater competitiveness, which it has achieved by optimizing the management of its transport services based on new technologies.

The process has led to the implementation of a control tower to centralize all its transport operations in Madrid based on a new management model focused on integral visibility.

In the end, transportation consists of operations that occur out of sight, but which the customer and the supply chain need to occur as efficiently and with the same certainty as if they were occurring inside a warehouse.

– Rafael Muñoz Rubio

To achieve these improvements, the multinational logistics company has opted to overcome the vertical separation it had in its transport operations with the intention of optimizing management with fewer empty kilometers, better route planning and greater sustainability, thanks to savings in pollutant emissions.

All this, moreover, with the complexity of managing a fully outsourced fleet, composed of operators of very different sizes and varying degrees of digitization.

Similarly, the diversity of activities covered by DHL Supply Chain also adds to the challenge, making it necessary to consider versatile solutions.

We started this journey to standardization with our Track and Trace platform. Until then, each vertical market had its own transportation management tools.

– Roberto Gamero Gómez

In addition, DHL Supply Chain’s digital transition has also taken sustainability very much into account, especially by optimizing the use of resources and improving operational processes.

In short, through technology, the operator has managed to develop a single strategy for a highly complex transportation ecosystem.

The key to this has been a new organization by processes, supported by integral visibility in real time, with a clear vision oriented towards customer service and focused on eliminating blind spots in transportation operations.


Óscar López Tresgallo
Managing Director, FIELDEAS

Rafael Muñoz Rubio
Director of the Shipping Business Unit, DHL Supply Chain

Roberto Gamero Gómez
IT Director, DHL Supply Chain

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Customer: DHL

Solution: FIELDEAS Track and Trace

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