Telefónica Business Revolution Day

16 Nov 2017
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Digital transformation is already part of the daily life of most organizations, or at least of those that seek change as an opportunity to be more competitive.

Business Revolution Day is Telefónica’s annual event that puts digital transformation in the spotlight. Designed to showcase the vision and capabilities that the company is able to offer its customers on the road to digital transformation.

At the event, which will take place on November 29, different solutions and products specialized in different areas of interest, such as Cloud, Security, IoT, Big Data or Enterprise Mobility, among others, will be presented. There are also planned conferences in which important Telefónica executives will participate, conveying the importance of the digitalization of processes.

FIELDEAS is proud to be part of this event, full of transformative initiatives and business mobility. See you next Wednesday 29th!


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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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