Full visibility and control
for supply chains
on the move

FIELDEAS Track and Trace, the most advanced and flexible supply chain visibility solution on the market

  • Real-time multimodal supervision of your haulage operations.
  • Your shipments traceable from point of departure to point of delivery through monitoring of key information.
  • Artificial intelligence and in-house algorithms so that you can anticipate disruptions in the supply chain.
  • Automated processes and management flows adapted to the needs of your business.
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Plan your shipments

FIELDEAS Track and Trace optimises your planning processes through efficient mechanisms for managing your shipments, cargo hubs and personnel.

Achieve maximum efficiency in your planning processes and maximum performance through more efficient planning of your operations.

Monitor your operations

FIELDEAS Track and Trace provides a simple way to connect all of your haulage processes via a multi-modal channel so that you can monitor all of your operations in real time.

Get full real-time visibility and control key parameters of your process.

Anticipate disruptions

Our predictive algorithms identify risks and potential bottlenecks in your processes so that you can anticipate disruptions.

Transform your operations and take them to the next level using a proactive management model.

Full management from origin to last mile

Route planning

Yard management

Haulage tracking

Predictive algorithms

Delivery management

e-CMR and digital waybill

Customer channel

KPIs and dashboards


Connected road
haulage providers


TMS and
telematics solutions


Daily users of Fieldeas
Track and Trace

Share information

FIELDEAS Track and Trace enables you to share information with all stakeholders in the chain at the time required.

Increase your customer satisfaction and improve cooperation between in-house and outsourced teams by sharing key process information such as real-time status, predicted ETA and process-related document information.

End to end management

Control the entire process from long distance to last mile distribution using workflows adapted to different haulage scenarios.

Run activity efficiently right up to delivery at customer destination and manage your operations sustainably with FIELDEAS Track and Trace digital documents.

Monitor the efficiency of your processes

FIELDEAS Track and Trace provides key information on your haulage operations and enables you to monitor process efficiency and service quality.

Analyse key parameters of your processes to identify areas for improvement and make decisions based on real-time information.

Complete visibility

Connect to multiple information sources or use our Visibility App to obtain visibility in real time and implement predictive scenarios.

Intelligence serving business

Our ML algorithms analyse thousands of data per second to anticipate problems quickly and accurately, which helps you to manage unforeseen events and implement proactive management models.

Put the customer at the hub

Share information in real time using multi-channel models, website, automated notifications, etc. Share all information and transform your customer relations model.


Turn data into valuable information and implement a data driven decision-making model.

Who is FIELDEAS Track and Trace for?

We integrate your internal and organisational processes in a simple, scalable manner. A smart solution that accommodates your requirements.

  • Improve customer service quality through real-time information and reduce customer service management costs.
  • Optimise logistics planning through real-time scheduling. Eliminate down time in the logistics grid and maximise efficiency in logistics hubs.
  • Reduce the time spent on administrative task time by using a 100% paperless model, and stay ahead with invoicing processes.
  • Increased efficiency of driving times through reducing stand-by periods.
  • Lower cost of management linked to communications and fleet-related administrative tasks.
  • Optimised customer service through reducing interactions and switching from a reactive model to a proactive one.
  • Improve your in-house processes to achieve proactive management in hubs and optimise capacity.
  • Shorten stand-by times in loading and unloading operations to better accommodate production demand.
  • Simplify management models by implementing cooperative approaches that reduce invoicing issues.

How do we do this?

1 Visibility first

We connect all haulage suppliers through multiple sources of information or our Visibility App, to provide visibility easily and rapidly.

2 Workflows

We optimise and automate shipment distribution and run all associated workflows (prior approvals, scheduling, task allocation, etc.).

3 En route

We monitor all en route activity in order to have full visibility, and run all the associated interactions (documentation management, picking, weighing and customer approval).

4 Proactive management

We analyse all information in real time to pinpoint any issues that may need addressing. We share information with all other stakeholders in the supply chain in accordance with accepted business practices.

Interconnect your entire haulage ecosystem to get an overview of your process

Connect systems, organisations and people in record time and become part of the Visibility First model

Simplify your haulage suppliers' onboarding process by using the FIELDEAS Track and Trace multi-channel solution.

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