Optimise the comprehensive
management of your
maintenance operations

Achieve higher efficiency and safety in maintenance processes with FIELDEAS Maintenance

  • You will optimise your maintenance processes using a digital, real-time model.
  • You will increase efficiency and safety for your field workers and your suppliers’ workers by means of guided processes and maintenance schedules.
  • You will reduce down-time in your activities and the average time each activity takes to complete, thereby reducing impact and increasing productivity.
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Optimise your maintenance processes

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  • Inspect and monitor your production infrastructure and gather data on the health of your assets using digital procedures.
  • Data analysis in real time and analysis of data history for the automated identification of asset maintenance requirements.
  • Plan preventive and corrective maintenance tasks based on type, urgency, departments involved, etc.
  • Schedule and monitor maintenance tasks based on the location, specialisation and availability of field staff.

Maintenance only when required

Gather data in real time and analyse the health of your assets, identifying maintenance requirements, potential impacts and priorities.

Efficient maintenance

Centralise all information relating to your maintenance operations and organise activities maximising your resource capacity through optimised planning and scheduling.

Safe maintenance

Carry out your activities with all the information you need at your fingertips, thanks to digital procedures ensuring that your operations are fully and correctly executed.

  • Schedule and monitor maintenance tasks based on the location, specialisation and availability of field staff.
  • Collect detailed information about your assets using images, videos, sketches and voice notes.
  • Develop your checklist forms, maintenance schedules and data collection processes using a no-code tool.
  • Real-time analysis and reports to control centre.
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Who can benefit from FIELDEAS Maintenance?

Chemical industry

Maximise the efficiency of your industrial assets and increase the safety and profitability of your production processes.

Logistics and Haulage

Ensure the reliability of your vehicles and logistics facilities through advanced maintenance management.


Reduce service outage incidents and avoid regulatory sanctions due to periods of down-time.

Facility Management

Increase the availability and efficiency of your buildings and suppliers.


Improve the service and condition of facilities offered to customers through efficient and precise maintenance.

Manufacturing · Automotive · Oil & Gas

  • Can obtain real-time dashboards showing the situation of all company assets and resources.
  • Visibility of analytical data obtained from multiple sources to facilitate correct decision-making.
  • Manage and plan your preventive and corrective maintenance operations.
  • Organise company tasks and resources by type and characteristics to achieve rapid and automated planning of numerous field operations.
  • Monitor task-related procedure status or checklists.
  • Centralised access to all tasks requiring completion on each working day.
  • Simple execution of all work detailed in job order using standardised, guided procedures.
  • Straightforward reporting of incidents in operations via instant messaging.
  • Creation of collaborative environments to prioritise incidents or receive remote support during field operations.
  • Rapid approval of field tasks carried out by different teams.
  • Direct communication with work team using a single tool.
  • Real-time visibility of all tasks carried out by field workers with all information on allocation and completion.
  • KPIs and reports showing efficiency and costs of different maintenance teams.

How do we do this?

1 Connection

We include information from all sources that generate maintenance service requests, ERP, GMAO, Customer Channels, IoT, predictive systems, etc.

2 Optimisation

We provide advanced planning and scheduling features to maximise resource capacity. We automate the allocation of tasks to the resources concerned.

3 Support

We provide support for workers in their activities, informing them of the allocated tasks, giving them the support they need to perform their tasks correctly and guiding operations through digital checklists with smart workflows.

4 Analysis

We process all information from maintenance procedures using tools for data analysis in real time, data history, correlation and prediction, thus enhancing the reliability of your assets.

20 - 30 %

Lower maintenance costs

20 - 50 %

Less down-time

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