Management, visibility and control, from start to finish

This module allows integral management of the maintenance of the company’s assets, incorporating the complete definition of the ranges of maintenance of the various elements of the organization.

Allowing modeling the entire management structure to cover the entire cycle:

  • Inventory of Assets or Locations object of the activity: Identify and define your asset database with its entire hierarchy and linked to your organization.
  • Definition of works: Define your catalog of activities and types of work to be done on the inventory, both preventive and corrective, inspections, etc.
  • Maintenance range: Identify the work to be carried out, including the detail of tasks to be performed, periodicities, triggering events, etc.
  • Transfer of work: Provision of managers or, where appropriate, integration of the activity in the planning module.
  • Mobility module. Integrate functionality with our vertical SAT for:
    • Keeping your asset inventory fully updated in real time
    • Managing tasks automatically and receiving feedback online


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