Optimise your field
force and achieve
service excellence

Maximise the performance of your field force with FIELDEAS Field Service

  • Schedule the regular service activities due to be carried out in different locations easily and efficiently.
  • Assess existing workload through scheduling the service activities assigned to your technical teams.
  • Ensure compliance of Service Level Agreements with customers through monitoring progress in real time.
  • Define workflows to apply to different business processes based on service activity type.
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Digitalise your business processes simply

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  • Technical team specialisations and weighted skills can be configured to achieve optimal planning of service activities.
  • By giving access to staff, both managers and technicians, activity can be outsourced via subcontracting without losing process visibility.
  • The Field Service app for mobile devices can be used in offline mode. Transparent sending of automated information for technicians that does not interfere with their operations.
  • All management of service activities hinges on their completion deadline. This ensures fulfilment of customer SLA.

Details of activity

Photo, audio and video recording

Digitalisation of documents

Electronic signature


Allocation of time and materials


Offline mode

  • By scheduling service activities, you can assess the workload of your technicians and also view their availability on given dates.
  • Because information is supplied in real time, service activities can be invoiced immediately after completion.
  • The resource management module can be used to specify work shifts for technicians and view their availability over a given date range.
  • A notification can be created in field operations to report any incident detected.
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Who can benefit from FIELDEAS Field Service?


· Performance of activities.
· Own fleet and contractors.
· End customer visibility.


· Management of service activities.
· Allocation of time and materials.

Activity manager

  • Plan service activities on demand or using a work schedule defined in the system.
  • Cost reports and allocation of time and materials for technicians.
  • Organise activities between technicians and teams based on their work shifts, specialisations or work locations.
  • View technician availability in real time, and field activities under way.
  • Manage shifts and availability of technicians and work teams.


  • Execute field service activities including all related information, digitalising the process using photos, videos, audio recordings, signature, etc.
  • Create notifications of corrections required for subsequent implementation as corrective actions and scheduling by managers.
  • Create reports on working time management and allocations of materials and costs for field processes.


  • Include office or field validation processes by setting parameters for different scenarios and behaviour in field activity workflows.


  • Provide your contractors with a digitalisation tool so that they can manage their technicians, schedule and execute their activities, without losing process control and visibility.


  • Field Service provides process visibility and all activity-related information to be viewed, even allowing the end customer to approve and validate it.

How do we do this?

1 Planning

We create blocks of service activities to be executed at specified intervals and establish requirements based on technician specialisation, location and skills.

2 Scheduling

We provide an option for scheduling service activities and allocating them to technicians taking into account their work shifts, training, specialisations and location.

3 Execution

We provide an application for executing activities with the option of including all types of information relating to the operation, such as allocation of time and materials.

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More efficient work

100 %


88 %

Less time spent on administration

93 %

Lower error rate in data collection

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Digitalise all of your checking operations by including Forms in service activity execution

Define and configure reusable forms linked to service activities, digitalising the entire information collection process in the field.

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Facilitate communication between work teams using the Talk app integrated into your service activities

Corporatize all service activity-related information using the Talk app as a communications channel.

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