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What does it give me?

  • Activity planning by contract and resource
  • Automatic/manual allocation by characteristics, availability or proximity of resources to work
  • Monitoring workload by resource and results of their performances</li
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of the activity in the field
  • Detailed control of costs incurred (travel, materials, man hours, etc.)
  • Workflow approval of projects
  • Integration of information with external systems
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What does it give me?

  • Easy access with username and password
  • Work online and offline
  • Display of assignments by type, location, date
  • Receipt of notifications with the appearance of new works
  • Integrated navigation to destination
  • Opening corrective action directly from work
  • Integrated reporting all kinds of activities (work, shifts, breaks, etc.)
  • Mobile warehouse management
  • Integrated activity documentation (images, videos, documentation, etc.)
  • Customer acceptance process by signature
  • Possibility of opening correctives
  • Elimination of paper throughout the process
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What does it give me?

  • Work analysis by resource/type of work
  • Tracking resource efficiency
  • Compliance with service level agreements
  • Corrective analysis by element
  • Exportation to the main integration formats such as Excel, JSON, XML, etc.
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What does it give me?

  • Receipt of work orders from corporate systems
  • Warehouse synchronization for complaints management
  • Updates on the progress of activities
  • Job creation in real time
  • Completion and closing of orders including customer acceptances (signature and scanning of acceptance document)
  • Generation and sending of digital work part
  • Imputation of amounts incurred (travel, man hours, materials)


  • SAP, Dinamycs Nav, Dynamics Ax, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Maximo IBM, Oracle, JDA, SharePoint, GIS, Alfresco, Customized systems, etc.
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  • Avoid unnecessary movements of your workers by displaying work on their devices
  • Assign maintenance tasks to operators in the field
  • Automate task assignments based on business criteria (resource capacity, workload, etc.)
  • Keep all workers in the field and office informed through automatic notifications, emails, etc.
  • Send optimized routes for the performance of actions
  • Provide all the necessary information for the assigned tasks to be executed efficiently
  • Automate workflows of linked tasks
  • Assign hours and material in each operation performed
  • Report inventory of assets in the field with total accuracy
  • Collect all the information of the work done with the mobile
  • Get full visibility of the current status of tasks
  • Eliminate paper and administrative tasks of little value by integrating information into your systems
  • Integrate with information systems to cover any type of work (GIS, IoT, etc.)

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La cadena de suministro en tiempos de guerra

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19 May 2022

I Estudio FIELDEAS sobre “Visibilidad en la cadena de suministro”

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11 May 2022

Gestión de slots y planificación de rutas para una gestión avanzada del transporte

En los dos últimos años, todo un cúmulo de acontecimientos están haciendo evolucionar la gestión logística a pasos agigantados y la digitalización de la planificación de rutas y la gestión…

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