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FIELDEAS takes blind spots out of the supply chain. Visibility and traceability technologies turn logistics management into an activity that brings significant added value to business strategy.

Moving goods along the supply chain generates a huge amount of data which, if properly channelled, provide highly valuable information for improving customer service and supplying the market in a timely manner.

Logistics and transport are the heart of the production system

Logistics and transport are the heart of the production system in any country. They enable products to be supplied to the market in optimum conditions.

The supply chain therefore needs to execute increasingly sophisticated tasks to adapt to a more complex environment in which customers call all the shots, and furthermore tend to combine channels.

The sector accounts for 6% of Spanish GDP, moving over 500 million shipments and five million tonnes of goods each year. In addition, the logistics and transport business employs over one million workers in a key sector for Industry 4.0 and e-commerce.

And in the context of a globalised economy, the quality of the logistics and transport sector in any country is a key factor for its international competitiveness.

Logistics are currently undergoing a radical transformation process. On the one hand, digitalisation is driving rapid supply chain management and on the other, the energy transition is driving sustainability in logistics and transport.

Visibility, key for the digitalisation of logistics and transport

FIELDEAS has developed an advanced visibility platform for promoting supply chain ultra-connectedness.

Visibility means that the movement of goods along the chain can be fully tracked.

With long and complex supply chains, knowing the exact location of a shipment is vital for ensuring that markets are supplied in a timely manner.

However, the coexistence of different technologies means that it is not always easy to achieve full visibility of the different links in the supply chain.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace is the market’s leading visibility tool. It offers intermodal features that enable goods to be tracked down to the last unit and provide relevant information, adapted to each link in the chain and tailored to the highest degree.

Our products drive supply chain speed and resilience

FIELDEAS is continuously developing its Track and Trace software, introducing new features adapted to the needs of a constantly changing logistics sector.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace is the most comprehensive visibility tool for driving rapid and resilient logistics activities.

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