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FIELDEAS is the right partner for ensuring comprehensive management of industrial facilities.

Industrial production is becoming an increasingly complex area and one that is impacted by highly diverse factors.

However, production facilities are at the core of any industrial complex, and the competitiveness and profitability of any industrial company depend on these facilities operating at full capacity.

Technology for managing complexity

Facility Management spans different work areas, and its purpose is to ensure best operation of premises and associated services by optimum integration of the individuals, spaces, processes and technologies on the premises, as set out in the Spanish chapter of the International Facility Management Association.

This comprehensive facility management enables costs to be optimised, along with the operation of production facilities and the services they provide.

Facility Management functions through making changes as regards individuals, work spaces or processes with a view to the holistic improvement of productivity.

This discipline emerged in the 1970s in the USA and has been in evidence in Spain since the 1980s. It has since then been fully adopted by numerous companies, becoming a fundamental pillar of their policies and strategies.

The benefits of Facility Management

Facility Management seeks to achieve comprehensive management based on achieving the goals set out below, as explained in the Spanish chapter of the International Facility Management Association:

  • Clear and transparent communication between different stakeholders.
  • Boosting output and cutting costs through the synergistic interaction of different services.
  • Clearly defining responsibilities and duties.
  • Minimising disputes with both internal and external service providers.
  • Promoting the integration and coordination of support services.
  • Improving sustainability through the analysis of lifecycles in the facility.

New technologies in the complex matter of Facility Management

A key point in Facility Management is that it advocates enhancing quality in facilities without increasing services.

However, highly diverse and complex factors are involved in the analysis and could be handled better, faster and more efficiently by using new technologies.

In different areas of activity, FIELDEAS has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the needs of any company and provide them with the most suitable technological tools for simplifying and giving better visibility to decision-making.

Our products make complexity visible

FIELDEAS is the ideal partner for channelling all of the factors in better decision-making for proper Facility Management in accurate and transparent information flows.

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