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A sector in the throes of a profound revolution

The industry sector in western countries is recovering after decades of lagging behind developments in the service sector.

The pandemic has fostered the return of many industrial processes that had been outsourced to Asia, and this trend is opening up opportunities for reindustrialisation.

Industry’s share of national GDP in Spain has been waning, but the Government wants to boost activity in this sector with a view to increasing its share to 20% of the country’s GDP.

In 2018, industry accounted for 16% of Spain’s economy, and in 2020 this percentage dropped by two percentage points.

Spanish industry is a diversified sector with high productivity and a solid international sector. However, one of its weaknesses is a high degree of fragmentation which hinders a stronger presence in international markets and boosting competitiveness in a segment of economic activity that plays out on the global stage.

Challenges for a more sustainable and digitalised industry

As with industry all over the world, the Spanish industrial sector is facing major challenges in terms of transforming an energy-hungry activity into one that is more digitalised, integrated and sustainable.

The specific challenges faced by industry are:

  • Digitalisation and Industry 4.0: digital transformation is changing industrial processes radically. The use of new technologies means that processes are becoming more precise and rapid, and industrial facilities are turning into complex developments involving the introduction of automation and robotics.
  • Impetus for innovation: in the industry sector, innovation is ceaseless. Not keeping up means not taking advantage of new technologies in a fiercely competitive sector.
  • Energy transition: along with digitalisation, industry is also experiencing a time of change as regards energy use. The switch to new energy sources and the drive for self-supply govern the future of a sector seeking to combine environmental and financial sustainability.
  • Internationalisation and competitiveness: industry operates in a highly globalised market. New technologies enable remote countries to be reached, all the while keeping costs down and boosting competitiveness in overseas markets.

Digitalisation, a key tool for transformation

Increasing investment in R+D and adopting new technologies in order to continue moving towards Industry 4.0 are key factors for continuing to increase the competitiveness of a sector that is vital for the Spanish economy and foreign trade.

Our products provide leverage for industrial digitalisation

FIELDEAS is the ideal partner for boosting digital transformation in industry. Our experience in different areas of industrial activity means that we know exactly what companies need to become more sustainable, competitive and connected.

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