25 Feb 2021

Why full transport traceability?

From a logistics point of view, full traceability of goods throughout the supply chain is a fundamental objective to improve service and reduce costs. Technology offers a real possibility to…

Trazabilidad cadena de sumistro farmaceutica FIELDEAS

05 Feb 2021

Traceability and Covid-19 vaccines: hope lies in logistics

Humanity is pinning much of its hopes for overcoming the covid-19 pandemic on science. Logistics will play a key role in the efficient distribution of vials and achieve end-to-end traceability…

Digitalización transporte

20 Nov 2020

Digitalization of transportation through collaboration

The process of digital transformation of transportation involves a major cultural change. The heterogeneity of the sector and its atomization are reasons to search for scenarios of collaboration between different…

Repsol Track and Trace

12 Nov 2020

Repsol works with FIELDEAS Track and Trace to digitize the delivery of its merchandise

Aware of the importance of information in the field of transportation, Repsol has taken the step and added geolocation and real-time tracking of its goods through a mobile app with…

cross docking

29 Jul 2020

The importance of visibility in cross-docking activities

For more than five years now, e-commerce has been a real driving force for logistics activities. The online channel had a turnover of more than 48.4 billion euros last year…

13 Sep 2019

FIELDEAS participates in the VII Palibex Convention

FIELDEAS, a partner company of Palibex, will participate in the VII Convention from September 13 to 15, contributing its vision in the discussion “How to modernize logistics”. The working meeting,…

24 Jan 2019

What is Track and Trace and how does it work?

What is Track and Trace? In its English translation, we know this term as tracking and tracing. However, it is more common to speak of Track and Trace processes or…

02 Nov 2018

What is traceability and how to use it to compete as a giant?

Now that products are more accessible in the marketplace than ever before and look more and more similar to each other, we are faced with the great challenge of competing…