We talked to Cristian Farhni about “Surface Solution”

Project promoted together with FIELDEAS, for the Digitalization of the production process of the SEAT Martorell plant

25 Jun 2021
Entrevista a Cristian Farhni para hablar de Surface Solution

We interviewed Cristian Farhni, Manager Serial Processes at FAP SEAT Martorell, in the context of Advanced Factories. Where he shared, in the session “Connected Product. The challenge of a development at different paces”, to talk about the success case “Surface Solution”, its challenges, its advantages, its next steps.

A project promoted together with FIELDEAS for the digitalization of the entire production process with a multi-department model and a volume of users of more than 1000 workers.

Digitalization Project of the production process of the SEAT Martorell plant.

Within SEAT’s “Smart Factory Lack” strategy, three fundamental pillars have been defined:

  • Business Sustainability (Digitalization/Paint 4.0)
  • ECMS (Move to Zero)
  • People & Leadership (Mindset 4.0)

To this end, SEAT has embarked on a change of mindset by means of a Digitalization Project of the production process of the SEAT Martorell plant.based on collaborative tools that facilitate communication throughout the production process by the different departments of the company, with a volume of users of more than 1000 employees from different departments.

As a result of this transformation, greater productivity and speed in communication between the different areas of the plant has been achieved.

This digitalization strategy has been carried out in different phases, as a result of a strategy associated with “Change Management”.

As a main focus, a digital solution has been implemented for communications between employees regarding process/product deviations detected throughout the production process.

This digitization process has been carried out under a “Multi-Department Model”, involving the different business areas such as Presses, Body Shop, Painting, Assembly, Quality and Final Inspection, which by means of a global, online dashboard solution has improved productivity and decision making throughout the SEAT Martorell plant, reducing resolution times in daily activities.

Thanks to incident scalability, it is possible to determine at what point higher profiles are brought into the chat to see if any additional action is required for resolution.

Amongthe improvements achieved through this new collaborative model, SEAT highlighted the following:

  • Digitization of plant information in each of the production lines.
  • Collaborative communication with more than 1000 users in real time.
  • Definition of specific resolution measures for each type of alarm/incident.
  • Generation of data patterns/lessons learned for automation of future projects.
  • Integration between the group’s corporate/consortial systems providing visibility through accurate information at all levels of responsibility.

digitalize maintenance process_FIELDEAS

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