100% paperless transport. Welcome to digital transport

Elimination of paper in delivery and pick-up operations

26 Nov 2019

On November 14, in the context of the Logistics&Distribution 2019 trade show, we moderated the debate “100% paperless transport. Welcome to digital transport”. We were accompanied by Guillermo Cagigas, IT Director of Palibex, Alberto UrquizaCommercial Director of edatalia and Alejandro Ruizpartner in the logistics consulting firm Howdazz.

We discuss from different perspectives the challenges, advantages and uncertainties surroundingthe elimination of paper in delivery and pickup operations. And we analyzed the regulatory context and technological capabilities to address it.

Questions such as: Are we technologically prepared to tackle digitalization projects in the sector? o Is a 100% digital transport process with full legal validity possible? were some of the topics discussed during the round table.

We analyzed how the electronic delivery note, digital signature and eCMR could be processed from a single device, without the need for paper and with full legal guarantee and how FIELDEAS customers have already implemented it in their transport processes.

We tried to draw the possible brakes to incorporate such digitalization by transport companies, logistics operators and shippers. And the advantages and benefits of a 100% paperless process

We make clear the existence of greater reliability and security in the treatment of information and its document management, and we emphasize the corporate social responsibility with the environment.

If you were unable to attend, here is the video of the panel discussion.


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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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