FIELDEAS at Advanced Factories 2024: driving the digitalization of industry

Advanced Factories 2024, Barcelona

02 Apr 2024
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Once again, FIELDEAS is present at the essential event for Industry 4.0, the Advanced Factories 2024 fair, which celebrates its eighth edition from April 9 to 11, 2024 at Fira de Barcelona.

This new edition is configured as the meeting point for the latest technological trends for the industry and is the perfect scenario to address the integration of all equipment, systems and technologies, with artificial intelligence as the main tool for improving productivity.

In fact, as explained by the organizers of the fair, the objective of this event, which is held under the motto “Integrating Automation”is to learn about the most successful strategies to boost automation and connectivity in different industries such as automotive, mobility, food, energy, electronics and consumer goods, pharma and chemical, metal and steel, textile or capital goods, in order to make them more sustainable and efficient.

FIELDEAS solutions for the digitization of industry at Advanced Factories 2024

The FIELDEAS team has always had a prominent presence at Europe’s most important event for Industry 4.0, in line with our commitment to drive the digitalization and automation of factories.

This new edition was not going to be different and, therefore, during these three days we accompanied the industrial sector to show them the main advantages of our solutions and how they drive innovation and automation of an essential activity for the economic growth of the country.

Specifically, in this edition, we present our CMMS solution and the digital Checklists solution.

FIELDEAS Maintenance, the CMMS that puts the focus on your operations

FIELDEAS Maintenance digitization of maintenance processes and asset management software tool puts the focus on your operations and helps you to digitally plan, control and measure all your maintenance activities.

With FIELDEAS Maintenance you will optimize your maintenance processes based on a digital and real time model. In addition, you will increase the efficiency and safety of your and your suppliers’ field activities through guided processes and maintenance ranges.

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On the other hand, you will be able to reduce the number of shutdowns of your assets and the average time of each one of them, reducing the impact and increasing your productive capacity.

Thus, the CMMS of FIELDEAS Maintenance allows:

  • Asset management. It allows to register all assets, know their technical characteristics, identify repairs and spare parts needed and perform asset tagging.
  • Generation of digital notices. It allows to generate a validation workflow, generate TOs and make a historical query.
  • Planning. Our solution allows you to define tasks, associate them with profiles or skills and determine the auxiliary resources required for optimal criticality management.
  • Maintenance management. It allows to determine a preventive plan and to carry out a corrective management. Thus, checks can be performed and a workflow of states can be determined.
  • Programming and monitoring. Advanced scheduler, calendars and work shifts, real time tracking and configuration of alarms and notifications.
  • Execution. Status reporting, allocation control, digital checklist, tele-assistance and collaborative chat. In addition, it integrates with IOT, Scada, PLC solutions.

FIELDEAS Forms Digital Checklists Solution at Advanced Factories 2024

FIELDEAS Forms digital checklists for your industrial processes allow you to reduce management times in the life cycle of a product and optimize quality processes, as well as each of the maintenance phases.

In other words, in an orderly manner and with data standardization, digital checklists drive the optimization of your industrial processes.

FIELDEAS Forms_Advanced Factories

FIELDEAS Forms digital checklists allow:

  • Set response conditionals
  • Use biometric signature
  • Activate a notification system and control the work flow
  • Reducing development costs by being a Non Code tool
  • Use app or web on any device
  • Establish KPIs
  • Obtain a final report with all relevant data including

Meet the Pelltinel project at Advaced Factories 2024

On April 10 at 10:30 am in the MINSAIT room, Repsol’s Business Digital Manager, Juan Antonio Gil, will give a presentation on “Technology for sustainability: Artificial vision for the detection of microplastics”, where he will present the Pelltinel project.

Pelltinel was born from the alliance between Repsol, Merasys and FIELDEAS in response to the commitment to the Operation Clean Sweep international program, an initiative promoted in Europe by @PlasticsEurope and in Spain by ANAIP to prevent the loss of plastic particles at any stage of the value chain: production, handling, transport, transformation and recycling.

It is a digital and intelligent system whose main objective is to detect, monitor and measure the presence of microplastics in different locations along the value chain of the plastics industry, whether in production, logistics, transformation or recycling centers.


We look forward to seeing you at the eighth edition of Advances Factories at the booth C420where FIELDEAS experts, Óscar López, CEO; Pablo Rodríguez, Industry Manager; David Pérez, Industry Manager; and Alfonso Martín, Presales Manager, will show you the advantages of our solutions and how they fit into your operations and optimize them.

Discover how to optimize your industrial processes with our flexible, efficient and secure technological solutions.

Register at this link and use the code ZYA4K for a three-day Business Pass.

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