Carburos Médica optimizes the complexity of its maintenance management with FIELDEAS Maintenance

30 May 2023

Asset maintenance management is a critical activity for Carburos Médica, a leading company in the industrial and medical gases segment.

Precisely in the medical field, the company offers preventive and corrective maintenance services for equipment and systems for the use of gases in hospital facilities.

This area accounts for a large volume of inspections, exceeding 6,500 per year. In this environment, Carburos Médica faces an extraordinarily complex and critical scenario for the maintenance of an active network in an activity of great importance and which has to count on an uninterrupted supply even in the worst circumstances.

Need for software to manage complex maintenance

To ensure safety and gain efficiency in maintenance, the company has decided to rely on a comprehensive maintenance solution that allows it to guarantee the operation of a critical element for the proper functioning of facilities of great social importance such as hospitals.

In this context, the project has faced four main challenges:

  • A distributed environment that makes asset visibility difficult.
  • Digitization of processes to eliminate the use of paper, reduce errors, have real-time information and have the capacity to analyze the data collected.
  • Knowledge management and cultural change management, in order to have professionals specialized in these tasks.
  • Optimization of the traceability of spare parts and materials to improve supply management and reduce delivery times.
FIELDEAS Maintenance and Medical Carbide Equipment
Pablo Rodriguez, Maintenance Manager of FIELDEAS, José Luis Aguilera, Hospital Project Manager of Carburos Medica, Carlos Castaño, Digital Transformation Manager of Carburos Médica and Alfonso Martín Presales Manager of FIELDEAS.

FIELDEAS Maintenance, the perfect maintenance tool

To meet these premises, Carburos Médica found that the comprehensive maintenance solution, FIELDEAS Maintenance, met the requirements to become the ideal tool for the management of the company’s maintenance work in the hospital environment.

Thus, both companies have embarked on an intense collaborative work to adapt the software to the specific conditions of the activity that Carburos Médica develops and, in particular, for the system to achieve:

  • Develop advanced planning tools that feed on the detailed information captured in previous phases and optimize planning efforts.
  • Generate collaborative models that streamline coordination and reduce downtime.
  • Provide operators with the appropriate tools to digitize any incident digitally, with the highest level of information and quality.
  • Obtain control and traceability of execution processes, including allocation of hours, materials, as well as range completion through dynamic and flexible generation tools.

All this taking into account some critical points such as:

  • The nature of Carburos Médica’s distributed environment, which exacerbated the lack of transparency and visibility of maintenance processes.
  • Up to the time this project was undertaken, Carburos Médica did not have the possibility of controlling and guaranteeing the correct actions of the operators in the field.
  • There is a complex management of technical knowledge or experience, since it was not always possible to have the most qualified technicians available at the repair site to carry out the work.
  • Lack of control and traceability of spare parts and materials. Repair processes require a series of materials and spare parts, which the technician must request at the moment of detecting the need for them when carrying out a job. These supplies are time-consuming to deliver, which delayed field work.

As a result, under the philosophy FIELDS consisting of “maintain only when necessary, maintain efficiently and maintain safely.”This digitalization project involves the implementation of FIELDEAS Maintenance as a tool for the comprehensive management of the maintenance of all Carburos Metálicos assets.

FIELDEAS philosophy: maintain only when necessary, maintain efficiently and maintain safely.

A seven-phase project to gain maintenance efficiency

Thus, after a project divided into seven phases, FIELDEAS Maintenance has allowed Carburos Médica to define the processes of execution of work in the field, thanks to the great flexibility and possibilities of parameterization available in the system.

As a result, greater efficiency and accuracy in data capture has been achieved.

Specifically, the use of a mobile application allows technicians to capture this information more quickly, easily and accurately. In turn, the inclusion of standardized guided processes for the operator ensures greater efficiency and safety in the work performed in the field, as well as greater availability and accessibility of the information sent in real time.

In this same sense, by having all the information available in real time, Carburos Médica can monitor and control the status of its work in the field at all times through FIELDEAS Maintenance.

In addition, the system allows the design of dashboards based on the needs of the company, providing aggregated and global information on the status of our maintenance service, which will provide Carburos Médica with the information it needs. reports and KPIs necessary for strategic decision making in terms of maintenance management.

Benefits provided by FIELDEAS Maintenance to the maintenance activity of Carburos Metálicos

After a successful implementation and several years in which the system has been in operation, Carbures has seen a wide range of concrete benefits following the adaptation of FIELDEAS Maintenance:

  • The time required to define maintenance plans and control compliance and launching of the work to be carried out has been greatly reduced. Currently, it is the system that is responsible for assigning and launching these jobs.
  • The efficiency of field work has also been greatly improved, minimizing human error by technicians.
  • Downtime and inactivity of Carburos Médica’s equipment has been reduced, due to the improvement in the planning and work assignment process, added to the digitalization of the execution processes, which guarantee the success of the maintenance work.
  • Reduction of paper use and improvement in the planning process As a result of the correct management of all these operations, a significant volume of documentation is generated, both for internal use in order to have all the information on the execution of standardized work and to enable decision making and replanning in future work of the same type, and to provide useful and agile information to end customers.

Currently, the specific development of the FIELDEAS Maintenance tool for Carburos Metálicos is being updated, especially with regard to the parameterization of the system and the incorporation of new functionalities added to increase the efficiency of the processes.

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