Organized FIELDEAS Track and Trace Webinar Series

06 Feb 2024
webinar_serie_Track and Trace

Throughout the month of February we organized a series of three webinars to analyze in detail how technology improves visibility in the supply chain from a holistic point of view and what benefits it brings to all actors in the chain.

With the purpose of making known the advantages offered by integral visibility tools such as FIELDEAS Track and Trace we have organized a series of three webinars under the title “Visibility and control for supply chains on the move”, which will analyze in depth the various lines of improvement and the impulse provided by the use of technology to eliminate blind spots in logistics and transportation management.

In these three appointments, we will delve into how the FIELDEAS Track and Trace visibility tool helps to deploy an intermodal, collaborative and hyper-connected logistics model to advance the construction of an efficient, resilient and transparent supply chain.

These digital meetings will take place on three different days throughout the month of February, each lasting one hour.

In them, Rodrigo Martín, Transport and Logistics Manager FIELDEAS, and Alfonso Martín, Presales Manager FIELDEAS, will offer a complete vision on how to achieve greater visibility in the supply chain and how to face the challenges presented by digitalization in the planning and execution processes of transport operations.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace is the leading supply chain visibility software platform that manages the tracking of your goods in real time in Spain.

Management of loading and unloading docks

The first of the three meetings will focus on optimizing dock management in a collaborative way and will take place on Thursday, February 8, at 4 p.m., entitled Optimizing Dock Management in a Collaborative Way.

This session will analyze the role played by the FIELDEAS solution to anticipate the management of loading and unloading through a collaborative model to increase the efficiency of warehouse work and adapt operations to regulatory changes.

More specifically, during the virtual meeting it will be studied how FIELDEAS software drives the management of slots from a collaborative scenario, predictive monitoring, management and monitoring of the capacity of logistics facilities, as well as for the control of stoppages and arrivals at the plant.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace dock management webinar


eCMR with legal guarantee

The second webinar will be held on Thursday, February 15 at 4 p.m., with the title Prepare for eCMR with full legal assurance.

The meeting will focus on the benefits that e-CMR brings to all actors in the supply chain, from the reduction in the use of paper, to improvements in invoicing.

In particular the legal certainty provided by the FIELDEAS e-CMR will be analyzed. by incorporating electronic signature.

eCMR FIELDEAS Track and Trace Webinar

Management by exception: proactive monitoring of transportation processes

The last session of these three webinars will take place on Thursday, February 22 at 4 p.m., entitled Management by exception: proactive monitoring of transportation processes.

This virtual meeting will focus on the benefits of digitizing transportation through real-time data analysis to generate automatic alerts and notifications that allow to take measures in case of unexpected events or critical situations, to proactively manage transport operations, to improve the treatment of service incidents and to improve customer service.

The most comprehensive visibility tools, such as FIELDEAS Track and Trace, bring a high degree of automation to logistics management so that professionals can pay exclusive attention to events that can disrupt logistics operations in order to evolve towards more proactive, agile and resilient supply chains.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace Management by Exception webinar

Digitalization is a process that allows logistics management to evolve towards more collaborative, agile, intermodal and hyperconnected models that respond to the current needs of the supply chain.



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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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