Green&Digital presents at SIL 2023

13 Jun 2023
Proyecto Green & Digital

The Green&Digital project launched by Citet, FIELDEAS, DHL, Uno, Alia and Usyncro continues to take steps forward to drive digitalization in supply chains.

In this sense, the initiative ‘Green & Digital SCM: Towards a Hyperconnected, Sustainable, Transparent and Sustained Supply Chain on Digital Documentation Models’ was presented at the International Logistics Exhibition, which held its 25th edition in Barcelona this June.

During the event, a round table moderated by Ramón García, CEO of Citet, with the participation of Rafael Aguilera, Managing Director of Uno, Roberto Gamero Gómez, IT Director of DHL Supply Chain Iberia, Alejandro Herráez, Technical Director of Alía, Rodrigo Martín, Transport and Logistics Manager of FIELDEAS, and Emilio Mulet, Digital Innovation Hub of Usyncro, analyzed the current status of the project and its main advances.

Green&Digital project

Rafael Aguilera, Managing Director of Uno, Rodrigo Martín, Transport and Logistics Manager of FIELDEAS, Roberto Gamero Gomez, IT Director of DHL Supply Chain Iberia, Ramón García, General Manager of Citet, Alejandro Herráez, Technical Director of Alia, and Emilio Mulet, Digital Innovation Hub of Usyncro.

Green&Digital, a realistic project

According to all those involved in the initiative, Green&Digital is a realistic digitization project, with solid foundations and which has achieved verifiable actions through concrete milestones.

Thus, the Green&Digital project is part of what Ramón García, CEO of Citet, defines as “pragmatic innovation”.

In addition, the initiative allows companies, as Rodrigo Martín, Transport and Logistics Manager at FIELDEAS, explains, to understand that digitization is a process that, although complex, also consists of “taking the plunge, losing fear and managing change“According to the executive, “the best technology without change management leads to failure”.

All this outlines a development that DHL Supply Chain defines as a cash flow accelerator, beyond all its beneficial effects on operations, including the reduction of errors and the digitization of documentation.

In this sense, the use of the digital documentation associated with the Green&Digital initiative allows you to manage payments associated with logistics and transport services with agilityThis, in turn, translates into greater trust among the different actors in the chain and smoother operation of the activity.

Thus, Roberto Gamero Gomez, Director of Information Technology at DHL Supply Chain Iberia, defends that in the current context, the company that does not advance in digitalization “distinguishes itself negatively”.In his opinion, technology makes it possible to move from reactive to proactive management, which is crucial in supply chains subject to the high degree of uncertainty that exists today.

Green & Digital_SIL project

Rodrigo Martín, Transport and Logistics Manager of FIELDEAS, Roberto Gamero Gómez, Director of Information Technology of DHL Supply Chain Iberia and Ramón García, General Director of Citet.

The Green&Digital project has already yielded its first results in DHL operations

As a result, the Green&Digital project is about to enter a second phase after a first stage in which it was tested on several of the logistics operator’s routes.

The idea is to implement a collaborative digital platform that deals in a global and integrated way with the end-to-end logistics process, for the treatment of digital documentation linked to the process between agents, including the customer acceptance process, with legal validity through digital means.

In this new step, it is intended to take the initiative to real large-scale operations, and even introduce it in the two control towers that DHL Supply Chain has in operation in Spain.

Likewise, in this new stage that will be developed soon, the project will also be taken to the maritime and air modes, with the intention of continuing to explore tools to make chains more efficient and sustainable, without losing sight of the real needs of the logistics sector in the technological field.

In short, the work makes it possible to extract a set of documentary conclusions that will serve as a lever in the work of dissemination and awareness-raising in the sector, eliminating cultural, economic and legal barriers that have so far hindered the adoption of these solutions by the supply chain.

Specifically, the Green&Digital project consists of:

  • Develop a technological solution implementable on real scenario that will incorporate visibility functions along the chain and integrating throughout the whole process the digital documentation and its interactions with total legal guarantee.
  • Prepare an operational impact study, focusing on the impact on processes and segmenting this impact by areas of the companies that participate in the chain.
  • To carry out an economic modeling of the operational impact, with a complete analysis based on the actual results of the pilot, allowing the establishment of return on investment scenarios.

    Green & Digital_SIL23 project

    Rodrigo Martín, Transport and Logistics Manager at FIELDEAS and Roberto Gamero Gomez, Director of Information Technology at DHL Supply Chain Iberia.

Objectives of the ‘Green&Digital’ project

The ‘Green&Digital’ project involves the creation of a management model adapted to the sector and Spanish regulations to eliminate barriers to the adoption of digital management models adapted to the supply chain.

In particular, the initiative involves obtaining real-time information on transport operations through digital procedures and smart contracts.

To achieve this , Machine Learning algorithms are used to monitor the evolution of the activity and identify possible bottlenecks or impacts on the process.

The aim is to achieve the elimination of paper in loading and unloading operations with legal validity throughout the entire process, supported by biometric signature procedures.

The project thus seeks the availability of a validated technological solution ready for market launch through a SaaS and Cloud Computing model with a digital model with a low technological requirement and a high operational impact, allowing its implementation throughout the sector. regardless of whether they are large corporations, SMEs or even freelancers.

The aim is to increase the visibility of the sector by disseminating the results through the main communication channels of the various project partners.

FIELDEAS works to drive end-to-end, real-time visibility in logistics and transportation activity through collaborative models aimed at taking new steps in the digitization of the supply chain, to achieve more sustainable, agile and resilient ecosystems.



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