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Digitalización ciclo transporte Cepsa GLP Gasib

09 Jan 2024

CEPSA GLP GASIB digitizes the transport cycle in its LPG distribution operations with FIELDEAS Track and Trace

José Luis Sierra, CIO of CEPSA GLP GASIB, and Óscar López, CEO of FIELDEAS, have analyzed the integral digitalization project of the transport cycle linked to the company’s gas distribution…

07 Nov 2022

Metaverse: a new twist for the supply chain

Technological evolution is driving e-commerce into uncharted territory. Purely online experiences have been giving way, over time, to mixed models and a growing trend towards omnichannel. However, without having completed…

06 Jul 2022

Five essential factors in visibility tools

Providing first-hand and real-time information on supply chain performance is no longer an option. For a few years now, transport operators and companies have been collecting high value-added data to…

Visibilidad y gestión de riesgos en la cadena de suministro

19 Aug 2021

Supply chain visibility and risk management

For a little over a year and a half, maritime flows between Asia and the main consumption centers of Europe and North America have been in a state of constant…

trazabilidad en el transporte

30 Jun 2021

The secret to complete traceability in transportation

Traceability offers great advantages in transportation, especially in controlling costs and improving service. But in order to take full advantage of them, the right technology must be in place. Cost…

Repsol Track and Trace

12 Nov 2020

Repsol works with FIELDEAS Track and Trace to digitize the delivery of its merchandise

Aware of the importance of information in the field of transportation, Repsol has taken the step and added geolocation and real-time tracking of its goods through a mobile app with…

entrevista-Oscar Lopez_logistica_profesional-

15 Oct 2020

Óscar López talks about the importance of digitalization in logistics

Óscar López, CEO of FIELDEAS, has been interviewed in the media Logística Profesional where he talked about digitalization and the importance it has nowadays, especially in the transport sector. Throughout…

Visibilidad cadena de suministro

08 Jul 2020

Comprehensive visibility against supply chain black boxes

The absorbent cotton test for any supply chain visibility system is in those areas it does not reach. In these spaces, no information is generated and a kind of blind…