Óscar López talks about the importance of digitalization in logistics

15 Oct 2020
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Óscar López, CEO of FIELDEAS, has been interviewed in the media Logística Profesional where he talked about digitalization and the importance it has nowadays, especially in the transport sector. Throughout the interview, our CEO explains how a correct application of technology is necessary to help improve productivity, communication with employees, as well as their satisfaction. And, of course, how all this has an impact on customer satisfaction, and also on the company’s economic benefits.

Being able to access information at any time and predicting aspects such as arrival times or unforeseen events that may occur, helps companies to make decisions in an agile and efficient manner. All this can be achieved with solutions such as FIELDEAS Track and Trace, thanks to which management is carried out more efficiently, acting proactively and sharing visibility with all the people involved.

Importance of investment in technology

In the interview, Óscar López considers that investment in technology is a reality and that, applied in the right way, is perfect for transforming business processes, making them more efficient by eliminating repetitive tasks that do not add value and improving visibility and control of the entire process.

The focus of FIELDEAS is the digitalization of all those processes that are normally carried out in a traditional way. These processes are usually carried out offshore and by personnel external to the companies and, therefore, cannot be equipped with a specific terminal. To this end, FIELDEAS offers solutions for a wide range of sectors such as industry, services, utilities, transport and logistics.

It is precisely in logistics that we put our technology at your disposal to help you track and trace shipments, regardless of whether it is done by your own fleet or outsourced. Our solution provides information in real time, as well as the management of incidents that may occur and the digital management of all documentation.

How to deal with Covid-19

The general manager was also asked about the current situation in which Covid-19 is disrupting the plans of many organizations and how FIELDEAS can prevent and circumvent this new scenario. For him, the company’s commitment to constant innovation and to providing advanced solutions in an agile and flexible manner is the key to responding to customer concerns and adapting to market needs.

“If you have the right technology solution, you are always ready to adapt to changes in record time and with minimal impact. In this sense as soon as the pandemic started and as soon as we became aware of the impact it could have on the supply chain, we put all our focus on innovating in all parts of the process that could be impacted.” These are declarations made by Óscar López in an interview with Logística Profesional.

Thanks to FIELDEAS’ quick action at the beginning of the pandemic and all the work done, digital documentation management models evolved into a collaborative model. Each and every person in the chain can interact 100% digitally.

In addition, “contactless signature” was included to be able to accept a pickup or delivery from the user’s own device, always respecting social distancing. As a result, FIELDEAS customers have adapted to the new reality in record time and without having to make major technological changes.

Digitalization in transport and logistics, why is it so important?

Our general manager emphasizes that “you can’t control what you can’t see, nor plan what you don’t know”, and at FIELDEAS we know that there are many companies that work without knowing and without information about their shipments or goods. This is undoubtedly negative, as they cannot control their operations, their processes are delayed, logistical planning is hampered and customer service is not as desired.

If we turn the situation around, where digitization is present, we can find organizations dedicated to the logistics sector that have real-time access to their shipment information. This helps to ensure that planning is adequate, incidents are detected and acted upon quickly. In addition, the documentation that is generated is already in digital format, thus increasing productivity.

Undoubtedly, this is the model that FIELDEAS proposes in its Track and Trace solution and, as Óscar says in the interview, we firmly believe that sooner or later all organizations are going to have to jump on this digital bandwagon as the only option to be competitive and offer a differential value.”

Warehouse visibility systems, transport and delivery of goods

Asked which visibility systems are most commonly used in the warehouse, the transport of goods and their delivery, the general manager assures that all these points are part of the supply chain and at FIELDEAS we have the ability to see it as a whole.

Therefore, the solution we offer allows to provide traceability in the warehouse, prepare routes and dispatch them, track them and, of course, control all the delivery processes, with special focus on the acceptance processes of each of the actors in the chain,” says Oscar.

Drug logistics and cold chain, how to achieve a safer chain?

Undoubtedly, the issue of maintaining the cold chain and how to manage loading and unloading times is fundamental for companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Asked about this, Óscar López assures that for FIELDEAS this scenario is simple.

We work on the basis of a connected supply chain where traceability is complete, all that is needed is to feed it with more information to ensure that the supply chain is secure and hyper-connected.

In the case of the cold chain, the key is to add the temperature parameter, but others such as pressure controls or opening sensors can also be added. All this gives us traceability and absolute guarantee throughout the process.

Future FIELDEAS projects

The CEO of FIELDEAS assures in this interview that 2020 has been an intense and productive year in everything related to the innovation of our products and solutions. The coronavirus has posed many challenges, and in the short- to medium-term there are two key objectives. One of them is to accompany customers in their process of digitization of processes to help them continue to grow and adapt to the current situation.

On the other hand, the other objective is to support other companies to carry out the digital transformation they need regardless of their size or resources. In Oscar’s words, “We want to make it as easy as possible for any organization in the world to benefit from our technology in record time, and we have worked extensively over the last few months on technical issues, subscription models and deployment. We want to be able to help all companies that have become aware that digitization is not optional, but that all those who do not address this digital transformation will be at a competitive disadvantage..” This is how the general manager of FIELDEAS concludes his interview for Logística Profesional.

To read the original interview in Logística Profesional


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