Visibility, the “must” of refrigerated logistics

14 Nov 2022

Temperature-controlled logistics is a rapidly growing sector. Some international projections indicate that this segment will have a volume in 2027 of US$160.7 billion worldwide.

In addition, Europe appears to be the continent with the highest volume of transport and logistics with temperature-controlled requirements, a highly specialized segment in which technological innovations aimed at preserving the cold chain are becoming increasingly important.

In fact, the Old Continent accounts for 25.7% of temperature-controlled transport worldwide, with a trend towards a continental market taking advantage of the refrigerated storage and transport networks that are being consolidated thanks to the intensive use of technology.

In this technological field, on the one hand, technology is advancing to incorporate more precise, less polluting, more sustainable and less noisy refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration industry is advancing by leaps and bounds to achieve isothermal vehicles capable of maintaining the cold with lightweight materials that avoid overloading vehicles. Similarly, the warehouses are equipped with more sustainable facilities and insulation to reduce energy consumption as much as possible in order to achieve greater profitability and a lower environmental impact.

On the other hand, refrigerated logistics applies new technologies to maximize the monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions in order to protect the cold chain. Sensorization, geopositioning and visibility devices are technologies that allow the status of a particularly sensitive cargo to be known at all times and to be able to act in the event of any threat.

cold logistics visibility

Control of the cold chain

The cold chain is the backbone of refrigerated logistics. Maintaining cold and humidity conditions at all times is a fundamental element for some products, especially fruits and vegetables, as well as some human medicines.

On this basis, logistics and transportation work to develop and implement solutions that prevent any breakage The company’s international services are subject to exhaustive quality and sanitary controls, which could result in the loss of a valuable cargo that is usually subject to exhaustive quality and sanitary controls.

Fruit and vegetable products such as red fruits, which require special care due to their vulnerability, or medicines such as vaccines, which in some cases have to be moved and stored in very specific conditions, require highly controlled environments.

Similarly, refrigerated logistics also has speed as one of its most critical elements. In general, in addition to being fragile and having to be stored and transported in temperature-controlled environments, many of the products that require refrigeration also have a very short shelf life. The need to combine all the guarantees required for temperature-controlled logistics with the agility required for products that have to be at their destination points within hours so that they can be consumed in ideal conditions.

Visibility to preserve the cold chain

The imperative to control at all times the temperature conditions of the cargo forces transport and refrigerated logistics to rely on visibility systems that allow exhaustive monitoring of the temperature at all times and, if necessary, to warn of any circumstance that could have led to a break in the cold chain.

In this field, instruments such as thermographs, door opening sensors and refrigeration equipment are joined by tools designed to offer a more accurate and reliable visibility of the chain from the top, providing carriers and shippers with full control and traceabilityThe company’s business model is based on collaborative models that enable the dissemination of and access to information for all actors in the chain.

Visibility in refrigerated logistics not only allows total control of the cold chain, but also provides information to achieve the most efficient flows so that fragile products and very short shelf lives reach their markets in the best conditions for consumption.

Refrigerated logistics visibility

FIELDEAS, visibility for refrigerated logistics

At FIELDEAS, we have been leading the digital transformation in the field of transport and logistics since 2014, which has allowed us to accompany multiple companies in their transformation process through our ‘Visibility First’ concept.

Global visibility in logistics and transportation operations has become absolutely paramount in all supply chains, especially in today’s situation of scarce resources and rising prices.

Achieving efficient, continuous and sustainable operations is a necessity for all organizations today and especially relevant for cold logistics.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace offers a unique model in the market, based on the interconnection between shippers, logistics operators, carriers and end customers through a collaborative and accessible environment that allows all participants to optimize their processes, monitor activity in real time and anticipate disruptions proactively, identifying risks and bottlenecks in a simple way..

This capability is particularly valuable in the field of refrigerated transport, where traceability and temperature control are key to guaranteeing the quality with which the product reaches the market.

Our digitization model, centralizing in a single platform the management of transportation and logistics operations, from long distance to final distribution, results in multiple benefits for companies, both at the operational level and in terms of service quality.

Aspects such as productivity improvement through efficient transport processes, control and traceability of key parameters such as temperature, digital management of document processes, detailed control of service quality parameters or end-to-end visibility of transport processes, allow to achieve optimal management levels and offer the quality of service, increasingly demanded in the market.

Refrigerated logistics is facing major challenges. The support of technological partners such as FIELDEAS guarantees absolute control of the cold chain in a segment in which specialization, service and transparency are values on the rise.


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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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