Supply Chain Visibility

Management by exception in transport_header

27 Feb 2024

How to improve your transport operations with management by exception

The third and last webinar of the series “Visibility and control for supply chains in motion” organized by FIELDEAS Track and Trace under the name “Management by exception: proactive monitoring…

eCMR with full legal guarantee_header

20 Feb 2024

The importance of having an eCMR system with full legal assurance

On Thursday, February 15, the second webinar in the series “Visibility and Control for Supply Chains on the Move” took place, organized by FIELDEAS Track and Trace under the name…

Digitalización ciclo transporte Cepsa GLP Gasib

09 Jan 2024

CEPSA GLP GASIB digitizes the transport cycle in its LPG distribution operations with FIELDEAS Track and Trace

José Luis Sierra, CIO of CEPSA GLP GASIB, and Óscar López, CEO of FIELDEAS, have analyzed the integral digitalization project of the transport cycle linked to the company’s gas distribution…

FIELDEAS Talks Visibilidad ferrocarril

31 Oct 2023

Visibility tools drive integration of rail into intermodal chains

For decades, rail freight transport has had serious problems that hinder its development as a mode capable of moving volumes in accordance with its potential. The low market share of…


18 Jan 2023

Visibility in intermodal supply chains

Visibility is a key factor in efficiently managing intermodal supply chains. The use of various modes of transport for the movement of goods offers greater flexibility in terms of costs…

14 Nov 2022

Visibility, the “must” of refrigerated logistics

Temperature-controlled logistics is a rapidly growing sector. Some international projections indicate that this segment will have a volume in 2027 of US$160.7 billion worldwide. In addition, Europe appears to be…

29 Sep 2022

The importance of traceability in cold logistics

Cold logistics is a highly specialized segment that is currently experiencing a period of intense activity. The quality of temperature-controlled logistics services is based, among other factors, on exhaustive control…

15 Sep 2022

FIELDEAS wins award for kilometers of quality and innovation

FIELDEAS is a technological company of reference in the digitalization of business processes, as a result of combining innovation, experience and continuous improvement. Since our founding in 2014, the company…

Logística farmacéutica y trazabilidad

28 Jul 2022

Pharmaceutical logistics and traceability

Pharmaceutical logistics is a highly specialized business segment. The existing traceability requirements for the transport, storage and handling of medicinal products for human use are only achievable by operators with…

06 Jul 2022

Five essential factors in visibility tools

Providing first-hand and real-time information on supply chain performance is no longer an option. For a few years now, transport operators and companies have been collecting high value-added data to…

30 Jun 2022

FIELDEAS Track and Trace Quality and Innovation Award

The FIELDEAS Track and Trace platform has been awarded in the first edition of the “C Logistica y Manutención” awards granted by Cuadernos de Logística magazine this week in Madrid….

cadena de suministro en tiempos de guerra

06 Jun 2022

The supply chain in times of war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is yet another stress test for the global supply chain, forcing the various links to adopt new measures to prevent this war crisis from having a harsher impact than already estimated.