Main benefits of digital CMR for carriers

Relevant information for transport companies that want to digitize their operations

07 Mar 2024
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Solutions such as the digital CMR facilitate the relationship between carriers and their customers. In fact, whether or not a transport company has this type of solution is becoming increasingly important for shippers, who always prefer to work with companies with advanced digitization solutions for document management.

The importance of transport in the supply chain means that shippers are looking for partners who can easily integrate information about the movement of goods.

In addition, the use of digital documentation also has an impact on other types of improvements, ranging from the ease of information processing to the improvement in the cash flow of transport companies.

Boost your customer relationships with the digital CMR

Logistics and transportation is an increasingly high-tech activity. Companies that do not know how to adapt to an increasingly demanding technological environment may be doomed to be left behind.

In the case of transportation, many contracts and tenders are linked to the use of visibility and traceability solutions. For this reason, carriers themselves are increasingly adopting digital solutions that enable them to improve business operations and enhance the integration of information generated by the transport chain with their customers.

Shippers already work in a digital environment, where they control transportation flows, storage capacities, inventories and demand forecasts, among other aspects.

This means that shippers are looking for carriers that offer them the same visibility, to respond to the need to provide real-time information to the end customer on the status and progress of their shipments.

All in all, integrating an electronic CMR solution in a transport company offers advantages and provides competitiveness, as well as a better image for shippers, who trust that the document management of any shipment will be truthful, transparent and secure.

Digital CMR streamlines billing

Another highlight of the digitization solutions has to do with the ease of processing the documentation associated with the invoicing of transport services and the direct integration of the documentation with your customers’ IT systems.

The digital CMR, the control document and the digital delivery note make it possible to streamline transport operations and payment of shipments, thus increasing the carrier’s efficiency and improving his company’s cash flow.

Reduce your management costs with the digital CMR

Another major benefit of digitizing document management in road freight transport is the savings in administrative costs due to the elimination of paper.

In this regard, our experts estimate that implementing an eCMR system can reduce administrative management costs by up to 90%. It should be noted that with traditional CMR it is necessary to issue, sign, file and share documents, assuming the costs involved.

With digital CMR, shipping, storage and custody costs disappear, resulting in greater efficiency and sustainability, both economically and environmentally.

Digital CMR improves transport operations

In a scenario of rising costs and a shortage of professional drivers, reducing the time vehicles are idle is a crucial factor for competitiveness in transport.

In this sense, implementing an eCMR system facilitates the shipment and management of services in logistics platforms, loading docks and handling areas.

In addition, the digital CMR improves the efficiency of any transport expedition, whether full truckload (FTL) or less-than-truckload (LTL), and regardless of whether it is an in-house or outsourced fleet.

This provides evidence of the conditions of the service and, in the same way, reinforces the confidence of the clients by always providing verified documents.

Gain security and avoid penalties

Another aspect to take into account is that the use of electronic documentation in transportation must have full legal and juridical guarantee, since it acts as another contractual element between the actors in the supply chain and generates rights and obligations.

For this reason, when incorporating eCMR to boost the digitalization of your transport operations, you have to be aware that this process has to be done in compliance with the requirements of the Land Transport Regulation (ROTT).

In this way, the eCMR offers added reliability to transport operations and makes it possible to avoid penalties by complying with current regulations, which reinforces the safety of operations.

In this line, the FIELDEAS electronic CMR is the only one on the market that addresses this need from a dual perspective:

  • On the one hand, the solution has an approved advanced digital signature system that guarantees the identity of the participating actors vis-à-vis authorities and third parties.
  • On the other hand, the FIELDEAS eCMR also enables the secure storage of electronic documentation. The integrity of the data, its veracity and reliability, and the exact identification of those responsible for it are guaranteed.

Digital CMR from FIELDEAS Track and Trace

The CMR and the control document are indispensable elements in the transport activity. Its use in electronic format is growing strongly and will become dominant in the short term.

With the benefits of implementing an eCMR system and the upcoming mandatory requirement on the table, it is important to lead the change and go out and find a trusted supplier.

Main benefits of digital CMR

FIELDEAS Track and Trace allows you to take a step forward in digitization, differentiate yourself from other competitors and, moreover, do so with the assurance that all the documentation you generate in electronic format will be rigorously adapted to all legal requirements.

The FIELDEAS digital CMR is the most advanced on the market in terms of information processing, reliability of records and legal guarantee in its custody.

In this regard, the use of FIELDEAS Track and Trace eCMR:

  • It provides a complete view of the loading and unloading process with full legal guarantee.
  • Streamline logistics processes with electronic documentation.
  • Reduces administrative management costs by up to 90% by reducing the number of printed documents.
  • It facilitates the processing of information by digitizing information that until now was handled on paper.
  • Eliminates errors in the transmission of documentary information between the different actors in the chain.
  • It provides greater transparency with customers by making all the documentation available to whoever needs it without further intermediaries.
  • It boosts sustainability in transportation processes by proposing a paperless environment.
  • Speed up the billing process by integrating data directly into your customers’ IT systems.


In summary, implementing a digital CMR solution in transportation companies brings multiple competitive advantages and benefits that can be summarized as follows:

  • Boost your company’s competitiveness
  • Improve customer service
  • Streamline your billing and operations
  • Reduce your management costs
  • Gain security and avoid penalties
  • Provides visibility and confidence

In addition, it is important to do so with an eCMR with a full legal guarantee, such as the one from FIELDEAS Track and Trace, the most advanced, flexible and secure on the market.

This software allows real-time supervision of multimodal transport operations and provides traceability of shipments from origin to delivery at destination by monitoring key information.

In this way, it helps its customers to control operations through a collaborative and hyper-connected logistics model for efficient, resilient and transparent supply chains.

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Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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