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24 Sep 2020
Visibilidad Transporte

The digital transformation process is a major revolution for logistics and transport operators.

On-board vehicle technology and mobile devices bring advantages in the field of communication that can generate great improvements both in operations and from a business management perspective.

In this sense, the companies in this sector are progressively and unstoppably becoming companies that, in addition to performing an indispensable task by placing their customers’ products in any market, in the best conditions and at an appropriate price, also provide a high strategic value data flow.

The healthcare crisis has intensified the role of technology in facilitating processes, reducing administrative burdens, eliminating redundant processes and improving hygiene and safety conditions.

Technology is becoming more and more important for transportation

All information generated by the movement of goods has a double value.

On the one hand, it allows optimizing the use of personnel and resources in order to achieve greater profitability in logistics activities.

On the other hand, it offers logistics and transport operators the possibility of having a high value-added service to provide to their customers that can help them differentiate themselves from other competitors.

Hunting for a competitive advantage in a difficult marketplace

In a highly fragmented market, elements such as technology allow companies to generate a competitive advantage that may be essential to gain access to large contracts.

In this area, the application of new technologies makes it possible to generate comprehensive visibility in transport services.

This visibility allows shippers to know in depth and at all times where any goods are located, so they can improve the service they offer to their end customers.

In all this flow of information, the participation of logistics and transport operators is crucial to provide relevant, up-to-date and real-time data that they must also be able to exploit for optimal commercial exploitation of their business.

To achieve this, it is essential to have tools that combine a high degree of customization and powerful integration capabilities with other platforms.

In this way, on the one hand, the software can be adapted to the needs of each company, both in terms of fleet and personnel, as well as operating requirements, which may vary depending on each business segment.

In addition, integration allows the technology to exchange data with customer systems to achieve a uniform data flow throughout the supply chain.

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Customization is the key

FIELDEAS Track and Trace combines full customization capabilities with the possibility of integrating information from other platforms to provide easy-to-read, real-time indicators.

The tool thus becomes a crucial element in facilitating the exchange of information with customers and, at the same time, an invaluable aid in making business decisions to gain efficiency, optimize resources and improve profitability.

To this end, the software provides a business vision that brings an integral point of view to transportation activities.

Improvements brought about by technology in transportation

In this sense, logistics and transport operators should be equipped with visibility and management solutions that allow them to have customized KPIs adapted to the reality of their operation from a global vision, in order to fulfill very diverse functions that allow them to improve the business operation of any transport company.

Thus, the tool should facilitate the document management of the services. This includes digital delivery notes, transport documentation or certification of delivery to final consignee (POD), among others, and even the use of e-CMR.

This functionality is especially relevant at times like the present, when the hygiene and security conditions deployed by covid-19 set new requirements that push paper into the background and give priority to electronic document management.

In addition, the use of visibility software allows individualized and comprehensive end-to-end traceability of each order, down to the unit, regardless of the stage of the goods or the supplier performing the service.

It also generates information that can be shared with customers, preserving data that also allows optimizing business management and, at the same time, generating a competitive advantage over other companies that can be used in tenders or contract logistics services.

Finally, proprietary software can be used to improve the business management of media, personnel and collaborators on specific key indicators.

By measuring service, punctuality and incident rates, among others, operational improvements can be achieved, resources can be optimized and profitability can be adjusted.

The FIELDEAS Track and Trace software takes into account all these functionalities and, thanks to its adaptability, it adapts to the needs of each specific company, maintaining an integral business point of view.

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