We analyze the outcome of the discussion panel ‘The New Supply Chain Challenges’ organized by ADL

Hyperconnected Supply Chain to meet the challenges of a 2021 full of uncertainty

26 Jan 2021
Los nuevos desafíos de la cadena de suministro

After a 2020 marked by the health crisis, 2021 brings to the table a new inflection point for the management of emerging New Supply Chain Challenges such as resilience and connectivity.

To analyze all these accelerated changes that logistics is undergoing, the Association for the Development of Logistics, ADL, has brought together a group of experts who have analyzed in detail some of the main challengesthat the sector will face in the coming months.

Among them was Óscar López, CEO of FIELDEAS, who discussed the role of supply chain visibility in achieving resilient supply chains that are adapted to an environment full of uncertainties and subject to constant change.

Objective: Hyperconnected supply chain

On the idea that you can’t control what you can’t see, nor plan for what you don’t knowLopez pointed out the role played by FIELDEAS as a collaborative platform focused on connecting all actors in the supply chain. thanks to the collection of information through carriers and IoT to achieve the hyper-connected supply chain.

Thus, hyperconnected supply chain enables end-to-end visibility of all processes and, in this sense, it provides complete traceability, unifies in a single format all the information generated in the chain and integrates information from transportation processes and logistics operations to obtain a global vision.

It also enables 100% paperless document processing, makes customer service more proactive thanks to the transmission of information in real time and places the customer at the center of all processes, thanks to the flexibility provided by the tool.

In this sense, López concludes that in order to achieve integral visibility in the information chain, it is necessary to focus on making all its associated documentation accessible at all times to all the actors in the process, thanks to the fact that the complete traceability provides evidence of each stage of the process..

Likewise, the processing of information through a system such as the one provided by FIELDEAS makes it possible, according to López, to anticipate any incident that may occur in any link of the chain, thus moving from a reactive management model to a totally proactive scenario.

You cannot control what you cannot see, nor can you plan for what you do not know.

Benefits for all links in the chain

Similarly, making information available to all actors in the chain facilitates the optimization of all stages of the supply chain, with all actors benefiting from a supply chain visibility tool such as FIELDEAS Track and Trace.

Thus, the charger can improve the quality of customer service through real-time information and reduce customer service management costs.The system allows you to optimize logistics planning by means of real-time and real-time planning. eliminating downtime in the logistics grid maximizing the efficiency of the logistics centers, in addition to reduce administrative management times through a 100% paperless model that helps streamline billing processes.

On the other hand, carriers can increase efficiency in driving times due to reduced waiting timesThe company’s fleet management system is designed to reduce management costs derived from communications and administrative tasks related to the fleet, as well as to optimize customer service by reducing interactions and moving from a reactive model to a proactive model.

Finally, consignees can improve their internal processes by enabling proactive site management scenarios and optimizing capacity, reduce waiting times for loading and unloading operations allowing for greater alignment with production demand, as well as simplifying management models through collaborative environments that lead to a reduction in billing incidences.

Hyperconnected supply chain enables end-to-end visibility of all processes

Other challenges discussed at the table

In addition to Óscar López, Ricard Pascual, Sales Director of Toolsgroup, also participated in the round table organized by ADL, analyzing the role of demand accuracy in ensuring stability throughout the value chain.

Miguel Ángel Rivera, Prosegur’s Global IT Procurement Manager, also focused on the transformation of the purchasing function to become a key area for ensuring the sustainability and growth of companies.

On the other hand, Mikel Fernandez de Castillo, Sales Director at Swisslog, described how warehouses and distribution centers are looking for quick solutions through automation to respond to the new situation generated by the pandemic.

Similarly, Marián Garrigues, Logistics, Marketing & Accesories Sales Manager of Ikea Valencia has made an analysis of the organizational change that has experienced the supply chain of the Swedish multinational to adapt to the environment generated by the health crisis.

Previously, Carlos Hernánez, a logistician, technical writer and professor, has reviewed many of the challenges faced by a supply chain subject to a high degree of uncertainty.

Enjoy the presentations and the debate on “The New Challenges of the Supply Chain”



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Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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