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Visibility is key to agile and resilient supply chain management

19 May 2022

Visibility is a must for managing supply chains and transportation operations.

Without information on key parameters and in real time, logistics becomes an unpredictable and difficult to control activity, an expense center, rather than an activity with ample capacity to generate cost savings and reinforce customer service through accurate services.

According to the survey conducted among our customers, the main factors guiding the choice of a visibility tool are related to its predictive capabilities and the massive processing of information in real time.


Visibility facilitates the transition to more agile supply chains

In this regard, 88% of all of them particularly value the ability to channel information in real time as a crucial element in any visibility tool.

Another 88% of all of them say that the ability of these solutions to provide notifications and alerts is also of great importance.

In this way, professionals point to the capabilities of supply chain visibility platforms to provide immediate information and channel it through relevant alerts to enable agile management, as a first step towards more resilient supply chains.

At a time of profound transformation like the present, agility in logistics and transportation is an extraordinarily valued capability.

Specifically, in environments of great uncertainty, having an adequate capacity to react to new scenarios and unforeseen events provides a first-rate competitive advantage to any company.

In addition, 80% of FIELDEAS customers also highlights the ability of supply chain visibility tools to optimize processes, provide digital management of documentation and its power to centralize all information of the chain in a single point from which to achieve a more agile and efficient management.

All these factors are related, as they converge in an existing need in the logistics and transportation activity to centralize all management at a point that allows processing the entire flow of data efficiently and quickly.


Visibility builds more resilient supply chains

Along the same lines, the survey also shows that improvements in the ability to react to unforeseen events and the proactivity of tools to warn of possible threats is the most pronounced impact that visibility tools have on chain management.

Specifically, 96% of FIELDEAS customers believe that the greatest impact of visibility tools in supply chain management has to do with the improvements it brings to boosting the ability to react to unforeseen events and incidents.

Another 92% particularly value the role of this type of software in introducing sustainability improvements in the chain, while 88% emphasize its importance in taking customer service to a new level.

As a result, FIELDEAS’ customers believe that supply chain visibility systems are destined to turn supply chains into entities with powerful predictive and customer-centric capabilities, without losing sight of sustainability as a rising value to which end-customers in particular are attaching increasing importance.

All these factors are essential foundations for building resilient supply chains, capable of adapting to any scenario, even those with high levels of uncertainty that require working with a short-term perspective.


Improvements brought about by traceability systems

With these objectives and the characteristics of supply chain visibility tools well defined, FIELDEAS customers believe that traceability tools improve logistics management in two key areas: environmental sustainability and customer service.

Likewise, the automation of processes and the improvement in cash flowprovided by these platforms are also highly valued elements.

In the same vein, FIELDEAS customers also point out that the areas of their companies that benefit most from visibility tools are the traffic management teams, the commercial and customer service areas, as well as their logistics departments.

In short, the benefits of visibility tools on logistics management extend to various levels, ranging from operations to finance and, fundamentally, to customer service, which is becoming increasingly important at a time when supply chains are increasingly oriented towards omnichannel services.

Visibility tools are thus strategic factors in achieving logistics management adapted to these times, in which the impacts on the supply chain in the last two years have been occurring at breakneck speed and which require the design of agile and resilient chains, capable of reacting effectively and adapting to a changing reality.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace, the total visibility platform

However, not all visibility tools are the same. FIELDEAS Track and Trace offers unique versatility and adaptability.

In this regard, our visibility platform leader in the Spanish logistics market in terms of flexibilityand the ability to adapt and customize, offers capabilities to provide real-time, end-to-end visibility for all players in the supply chainincluding transportation companies, logistics operators, freight forwarders and shippers.

In addition to its capabilities to reduce blind spots in the chain, it also highlights its flexibility to be integrated into any company’s systems to generate visual and relevant information to improve resilience and agility in logistics and transportation management.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace is the supply chain visibility solution that will concentrate in a single point all the data flow generated by any supply chain, no matter how complex, to provide relevant, visual and real-time information.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace is the definitive, full-scope tool for making the right, informed decisions to build agile and resilient supply chains.

Supply chain visibility


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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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