Increasing the reliability of our eCMR with QR codes

17 Jul 2023

Transportation is undergoing an accelerated process of digitalization. This change involves improvements in different areas, including operations and administrative management.

In particular, the digital transformation in transportation is of great importance in the processing of all transaction documentation.

The use of digital documentation has several advantages over paper, such as, for example:

  • Easier processing, transmission, custody and archiving of information
  • Easier to carry documentation in vehicles
  • Increased reliability in the preparation of documentation
  • Increased capacity to integrate information among the different actors in the chain.
  • Faster processing and management of service payments .

Among the most advanced transport documents in the digitization process is the eCMR, the digital consignment note.

FIELDEAS is continuously working to make its eCMR the safest, most efficient and versatile eCMR on the market. With these objectives in mind, it has now incorporated QR codes to make the management and exchange of the digital consignment note between the different actors in the transport chain easier than ever.

What is eCMR?

The eCMR is the electronic version of the consignment note, which is regulated by the CMR international convention that has governed transport operations between European countries since 1974.

The consignment note is a document that contains the most important terms of a shipment, such as, for example,

  • Sender
  • Addressee
  • Cargo destination
  • Origin of the load
  • Number of packages
  • Weight and volume, as well as other cargo characteristics
  • Shipper’s instructions on the goods

What does eCMR provide?

The eCMR is an updated and digitized version of the consignment note, which has been in effect since 2008. This electronic document allows a more efficient management of the documentation that travels with the goods, to facilitate their control by the inspection and for the different actors involved to have a record of what is being transported, to ensure that it is done without damage.

Similarly, eliminating the use of paper in the consignment note can generate cost savings and a reduction in the environmental impact of road freight transport operations.

Characteristics that your company’s eCMR must have

The eCMR must be duly approved in order to fulfill its function as an official waybill recognized between the parties that have contracted a transport service.

In this regard, for your eCMR to be valid, make sure that:

  • Collect all legally required fields.
  • Meets the requirements of the rest of the transport chain.
  • It provides you with full legal security, both before the rest of the companies in the chain and before any national or international inspection.

FIELDEAS has the best eCMR on the market and now with the security of QR codes.

FIELDEAS has the best eCMR on the market. The company’s digital waybill provides a complete overview of all shipments and documents them with full legal assurance.

The eCMR of FIELDEAS Track and Trace allows you to avoid penalties and comply with current regulations, guaranteeing absolutely all legal requirements for the transport of goods, both nationally and in international services.

In addition, the FIELDEAS digital consignment note incorporates the use of QR codes, a feature that allows for faster and more efficient management of documentation.

In this way, a code is associated to the documentation of each specific shipment, thus avoiding errors and gaining agility in the administrative management of transport for transport providers, shippers and consignees.

In this sense, QR codes unify the processing of information for the different actors involved in the transport chain, facilitating collaboration.

Likewise, FIELDEAS eCMR increases the security of your services, offers complete transparency to your customers and eliminates paper from your operations The QR codes developed by the company are fully verifiable and auditable by the State Security Forces and Corps during their surveillance and control functions for the Transport Inspection.

In short, the FIELDEAS eCMR allows you to:

  • Integrate QR in your eCMR and avoid penalties.
  • Increase the agility of your processes.
  • Reduce administrative management costs.
  • Facilitate the processing of information.
  • Eliminate transmission errors.
  • Provide greater transparency with your customers.
  • Achieve sustainability in your transportation processes.

FIELDEAS is the ideal partner to digitize your transport operations. If you are a carrier, you can provide maximum reliability to your customers. If as a client you want to guarantee that the services you hire are developed with all the legal guarantees and the greatest agility, the FIELDEAS eCMR is the ideal tool for you. Now, even easier.

Give extra reliability to your transport operations.

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    Lola Hurtado

    Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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