Interview with Óscar López, General Manager of FIELDEAS

20 Dec 2017 Fuente: "Mantenimiento" Magazine

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of technologies, almost all of his career has been linked to mobile technologies and their application in organizations, both in the public and private sectors.

Currently, Óscar López is CEO of FIELDEAS, a position he has held since early 2016 and which represents the culmination of a process that began in 2010 with the aim of making FIELDEAS a benchmark in the world of digital transformation, in general, and the optimization of field processes, in particular.

He has been a professor at the Menéndez Pelayo International University and regularly collaborates as a speaker at conferences on mobile transformation in the field of transportation, industry 4.0 or smart cities.

What are the main business areas of FIELDEAS?

FIELDEAS started its activity as a solution focused on enterprise mobility and the optimization of activities related to field operators. Currently our positioning is clear, the digital transformation of field activities and everything that surrounds them, affecting all phases: Planning, Distribution, Execution, Supervision and Analysis.

We offer solutions adapted to the needs of our customers and we accompany them from the consulting area throughout the entire process of implementing the solution.

Our solutions are very diverse and try to cover as wide a spectrum of processes as possible. Track & Trace, Technical Assistance Services, Asset Maintenance, Security Rounds, Prevention and Data Capture, Inspections and Audits, Health and Safety, in short, we are the management platform for the field activities of any organization.

What is the customer profile you work with?

At FIELDEAS we offer multi-sector solutions, with a verticalized approach to cover the maximum range of processes in each of these sectors. If we talk about the common denominator of our customers, this would be: being a company with a wide field force, with a broad set of activities that are developed in roaming and, of course, with a clear vision of the need to address this digital transformation.

Any projects in which you are participating?

Currently, we are working on several projects of digital transformation of maintenance processes, where the objective is the dynamization of information flows and total control of the process, along with the total elimination of paper as a communication element. In addition to this, our ability to integrate the world of maintenance and production with IoT in a single process allows us to provide optimization scenarios that were previously unthinkable.

As an example of this transformation, the process we have carried out in a Bridgestone factory, in which through mobile technologies and IoT we have managed to streamline the interaction between the production process, production workers and the quality control team.

With the monitoring of the production line, the end of the production process is identified and the verification order is automatically distributed to the quality control team by means of mobile technologies.
Once this verification is completed, the process continues and control is returned to the production operators. The elimination of downtime and visibility into the overall process has brought a significant improvement to our customer as well as a great return.
Another area of transformation that we are actively working on is Track and Trace. FIELDEAS is the market leader in the implementation of the Track & Trace solution, being our clients the usual logistics operators, such as DHL Supply Chain, XPO, Palibex, among others.

Today, this demand has shifted from logistics operators to end customers, who demand visibility and control throughout the entire logistics process.
This is the scenario of Grupo Celsa, where during this year we have addressed the launch of its Track and Trace tool.
This model provides total control of the entire transportation process, from the arrival of vehicles at the plant, control and supervision of all plant movements and complete visibility from plant departure to delivery at the final destination.

The most interesting thing about the FIELDEAS model is that all this is achieved without the need to implement any device in the vehicle, nor to provide any additional element to the carrier.
The entire management process is carried out with the carrier’s mobile terminal and, through a simple to deploy and use solution, the necessary visibility, control and total traceability are achieved, and even complete management of the customer acceptance process, including digitalization of the POD and its reception at the head office in real time.

What plans does FIELDEAS have in the medium to long term?

Our focus is to continue being an innovative company, with the capacity to incorporate new technologies and solutions that can improve our clients’ management processes. From this perspective, we work on augmented reality and wearable technologies, video streaming, indoor location and other solutions that add value within the field activity management cycle.
At the same time, we want to continue to focus on the diversification of sectors to which we offer vertical solutions.

Another focus will be to reinforce our commercial strategy, with special attention to the development of our distribution channel. We currently have a solid network of partners with extensive experience in the implementation of our solutions and we want to continue increasing this network, both in the national and international market, where we have been operating for two years.

What terms would define FIELDEAS?

Flexibility and innovation.

Flexibility, because we are able to develop customized solutions that can be integrated with any external system, connecting workers from any mobile device (BYOD) and offering the most flexible “pay-per-use” model in the market.

And innovation, because of our commitment to accompany companies in their digital transformation process.
The only constant is change, and at FIELDEAS we walk parallel to this statement, detecting opportunities and facing challenges with technology and innovation as our main tools.

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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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