Proyecto Green & Digital

13 Jun 2023

Green&Digital presents at SIL 2023

The Green&Digital project launched by Citet, FIELDEAS, DHL, Uno, Alia and Usyncro continues to take steps forward to drive digitalization in supply chains. In this sense, the initiative ‘Green &…

Proyecto Citet Green&Digital

31 Jan 2023

We participate in Green&Digital

Logistics activity is undergoing two profound transformation processes. On the one hand, the energy transition seeks to achieve more sustainable supply chains. On the other, digitalization drives hyper-connected logistics chains,…

II Cena de Gala organizada por CEL en un acto benéfico por Ucrania

26 Apr 2022

We participate in the II Gala Dinner organized by CEL in a charity event for Ukraine.

Coinciding with European Logistics Day, the traditional Gala Dinner of the Spanish Logistics Center was held on April 21, with the collaboration of Usyncro, Nacex and FIELDEAS, who supported the…

Wearedigital con Repsol

21 Oct 2021

FIELDEAS launches “WeAreDigital”

FIELDEAS launches WeAreDigital, a new multimedia initiative to promote business digitalization based on specific experiences in different sectors. Repsol, the first company to analyze its case. In a context of…

Nueva imagen FIELDEAS

14 Oct 2021

We are starting a new stage and we are launching a new image

In these years, FIELDEAS has undergone great changes. These have been years of evolution by leaps and bounds. Years of maturation and diversification. Years of passion for digitalization shared with…

08 Mar 2018

Industry 4.0 leading the future

After the industrial revolution, the development of electricity and industrial automation, we are now at the gates of what would be the fourth industrial revolution, a concept known as Industry…

20 Dec 2017

Interview with Óscar López, General Manager of FIELDEAS

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of technologies, almost all of his career has been linked to mobile technologies and their application in organizations, both in…

23 Nov 2017

Destination Dakar 2018

“C’est del Dakar, patron” was the favorite phrase of Thierry Sabine, the inventor of the Paris-Dakar rally, when one of the participants complained about how hard the event was. Yesterday,…

30 Oct 2017

We will be at Logistics&Distribution 2017 on November 7 and 8

Logistics&Distribution 2017 is back for another year full of novelties that aim to surprise an increasing number of attendees. The seventh edition will take place in Hall 9 of the…

20 Oct 2017

Enterprise Mobility: Discover its benefits in this free webinar

Next Thursday , October 26th, our first free webinar on enterprise mobility will take place and we wanted to invite you to be part of it. From 10 a.m. to…

10 Mar 2017

Technology, a link between citizens and their local governments

In anticipation of the new digital reality, FIELDEAS has developed an application for the council of Arteixo that will help streamline the management of incidents in the municipality. Through a phone…