Transfesa optimizes the visibility of its intermodal logistics with FIELDEAS Track and Trace

29 Jun 2023
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Achieving complete visibility in intermodal logistics operations is a challenge. Transport operations in different modes make it difficult to track the goods and can lead to blind spots where the cargo no longer generates the traceability required to ensure full control of the transport chain.

In addition, the systems must have a high degree of flexibility to adapt to the specific operations of each mode, since each of them has its own characteristics and all of them must be taken into account so that the technological tools can generate an integral traceability of the goods, even if they move by different means and with the high degree of complexity that intermodality implies.

The situation is particularly vulnerable on rail, where visibility deficits are more acute than on road, a mode where the use of traceability tools is more common.

For all these reasons, it is particularly important in intermodal transport to have adapted visibility tools that provide reliable information available in real time.

The need for visibility in intermodal transport

In this context, Transfesa has relied on FIELDEAS Track and Trace to boost the traceability of its intermodal logistics.

Transfesa is an operator that pays special attention to technological innovation applied to logistics management. As part of this commitment, the company has developed a comprehensive management system in which visibility plays a decisive role in order to have total control of the end-to-end supply chain.

Thus, through a single web application it is possible to control all the company’s processes, from the most operative point of the logistics chain to the final business processes, with a robust and secure system that guarantees access to unified and accurate information at all times.

In addition, FIELDEAS Track and Trace also opens up possibilities for Transfesa to anticipate possible eventualities that could affect the normal rail service and to be able to establish corrective measures that help maintain the normal operation of the chain.

This technology makes Transfesa the first railway operator to develop a comprehensive traceability system adapted to the needs and requirements of intermodal transport.

The collaboration between Transfesa and FIELDEAS has made it possible to adapt the best comprehensive visibility tool on the market to the specific needs of rail transport, in order to provide transparency to the operations that take place in convoys and terminals, so that there are no blind spots.

FIELDEAS, the ideal partner to give integral visibility to intermodal transport

In FIELDEAS, the company has found a partner with a technological solution specially adapted to its reality, which provides comprehensive visibility and includes a module designed specifically for freight rail.

Likewise, the joint work between Transfesa and FIELDEAS has allowed progress in the digitalization of the documentation associated with intermodal transport operations, in order to achieve greater fluidity in the exchange of information between the different actors that make up the chain and to obtain digital validations of each operation.

FIELDEAS is a tool fully adapted to Transfesa’s operations that combines visibility, automation and management.

In addition, FIELDEAS Track and Trace is capable of integrating all the information and data provided by Tranfesa’s suppliers into a single application that offers complete traceability.

In this way, it has taken advantage of the fact that FIELDEAS Track and Trace is the only comprehensive supply chain visibility tool on the market with this module specially designed for rail freight.

The software integrates data collected in any way to channel it in real time into key information that provides complete visibility of the supply chain, with no blind spots.

To achieve this, the tool harnesses the full analytical power of specially developed algorithms to comprehensively control any intermodal supply chain, putting the customer at the center, with the aim of achieving agile, efficient and resilient operation by making decisions based on information obtained in real time.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace, end-to-end visibility in intermodal transport

FIELDEAS Track and Trace allows you to track goods in any mode, whether by road, sea, air freight and rail services.

The rail mode in particular requires software applications that allow reliable tracking of goods with modules specially designed for this mode of transport.

In this regard, FIELDEAS Track and Trace easily and accurately integrates all records generated in rail services to achieve complete end-to-end visibility in even the most complex and lengthy intermodal supply chains.

FIELDEAS Track and Trace is the ultimate tool for managing the visibility of intermodal supply chains, with capabilities to track goods with real-time information regardless of the mode of transport used, especially in rail transport where complexities are at their highest.

The joint work developed by our company with Transfesa demonstrates that intermodal transport visibility is possible with fully adapted tools.

In this way, the digitalization of rail transport is promoted to facilitate greater integration of this mode in global supply chains, taking advantage of the possibilities it offers to reinforce the decarbonization and efficiency of logistics activities, in line with the most advanced management trends in the chain.

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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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