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More mature, more flexible

14 Oct 2021
Nueva imagen FIELDEAS

In these years, FIELDEAS has undergone great changes. These have been years of evolution by leaps and bounds. Years of maturation and diversification. Years of passion for digitalization shared with a growing group of customers.

FIELDEAS has become an essential reference in solutions for the digitization of business processes of companies.

The maturity acquired and the degree of flexibility achieved in these years have led FIELDEAS to develop new products that have successfully adapted to the demands of a changing market with great technological needs.

This process of diversification has led FIELDEAS to consolidate its business areas core with developments that are increasingly adapted to market realities, to open up successfully to new fields of activity and to incorporate new and important customers who have valued adaptability and flexibility of the business digitalization solutions developed by the company.

new image

A new phase begins

FIELDEAS opens a new and exciting stage in which new products will be presented in various fields of action.

In this way, FIELDEAS will deepen its diversification process to open up new areas of digital transformation in business processes.

In this new stage, FIELDEAS is committed to anticipating the demands of the market and makes the deep know-how acquired available to other companies so that they can make the most of the possibilities of digital transformation.

All this is the result of wisely combining innovation, experience and continuous improvement.


A new image for a new phase

To clearly frame the beginning of this stage, FIELDEAS has developed a new corporate image that reflects the challenges of this new time.

In this sense, the new FIELDEAS identity faithfully conveys the values that mark this new stage: power, ease and flexibility.

To convey its philosophy at a glance, the new FIELDEAS logo has been simplified and synthesized to reflect the simplicity that the company brings to its customers in business digitalization processes.

Likewise, the design also emphasizes FIELDEAS’ technological and innovation capabilities and unifies all the company’s products in the same graphic line.

FIELDEAS also has a new slogan: Powerful, easy and flexible. Digital solutions made from experience’..

This slogan refers to the power of the technological solutions provided by FIELDEAS, its ease of integration into the systems of its customers and provide customized solutions, as well as the flexibility of both each product and the company itself to adapt faithfully to the needs of the most demanding customers.

New baseline image

Finally, each of the technological products to be developed by FIELDEAS will have its own image to give them an independent and clearly differentiated identity, while, at the same time, maintaining the link with the company through a clearly identifiable corporate image.

Likewise, the rebranding also extends to the company’s communication profiles, social networks and website, with more high quality and interesting multimedia content that will bring interesting news soon.

The new image of FIELDEAS combines the maturity, experience and flexibility of its products with the ambition, passion and professionalism of a team that is embarking on a new and exciting stage of diversification and innovation.



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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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