FIELDEAS launches “WeAreDigital”

An initiative to boost business digitalization.

21 Oct 2021
Wearedigital con Repsol

FIELDEAS launches WeAreDigital, a new multimedia initiative to promote business digitalization based on specific experiences in different sectors. Repsol, the first company to analyze its case.

In a context of intense digitalization, and taking advantage of the new multimedia languages, FIELDEAS has launched WeAreDigital, a project that includes a website, videos and podcasts to learn about the true potential of digital transformation in business operations, through the direct experiences of companies and institutions immersed in digital transformation processes.

Through specific case studies, the benefits of digital transformation in different business sectors will be analyzed.

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Repsol, first experience to share

WeAreDigital launches with a first digitalization success story launched by Repsol to improve visibility and traceability through FIELDEAS Track&Trace.

The energy company has developed a project to improve the safety of its transportation operations through an innovative visibility system that eventually exceeded all expectations to become a key element of customer service.

Two of the main protagonists involved in this initiative, María José García, head of Models and Logistics Services for Lubricants, Asphalts and Specialties at Repsol, and Philippe Le Bail, head of Land Logistics Operations for Chemicals at Repsol, analyze how the process has been, how they have overcome all the challenges they have encountered along the way and how the project has reached new heights, thanks to the use of FIELDEAS Track and Trace.

WeAreDigital, a living space for digitization

WeAreDigital is configured as a living space designed to transmit the challenges of digitization in the business processes of customers who share how this process has been and how FIELDEAS has helped them to achieve it.

With this initiative, FIELDEAS wants WeAreDigital to become a container of digitalization experiences to facilitate the transition of other companies in a process in which it is essential to have technology partners who are truly aware and aligned with the needs of their customers.

With a multi-sectorial approach, the protagonists will analyze the problems they have encountered in their case, the challenges that guide their management and the mechanisms of change that guide them to face this digital disruption.

In short, WeAreDigital is configured as a space in which the experience of each customer becomes a guide for other companies to advance on the steps that others like them have taken in a technological revolution that has no turning back and that will radically transform the way of doing business, from cost savings, to productivity, and from customer service in any channel, to the care of the most valuable thing a company has: its human capital.

In addition, FIELDEAS will act as a guide throughout this experience to highlight the decisive role that technology partners play in translating the specific needs of each client to the digital world, depending on their needs, size, objectives and starting point.

To this end, all the possibilities offered by the Internet are used to configure an immersive experience, full of knowledge, with attractive formats and great dynamism.

FIELDEAS will be incorporating new experiences with new multimedia episodes in which the initiatives of other companies that have successfully advanced along the path of digital transformation in different sectors of activity will be collected to enrich the living space that makes up WeAreDigital.

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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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