DHL, second digitalization experience at WeAreDigital

"Visibility and predictive transportation management"

19 Apr 2022
DHL en WeAreDigital

From FIELDEAS we maintain our commitment to make available to all companies various experiences of digital transformation through real cases of implementation that are analyzed in depth on the web WeAreDigital.

After a first success story with Repsol, now it is DHL Supply Chain the company that analyzes its process of optimizing transport services through a predictive management system supported by new technologies, with which it has achieved greater competitiveness.

Control tower to centralize transportation

In addition, the project has led to the implementation of a control tower to centralize the control and visibility of all its transport operations in Madrid based on a new management model focused on integral visibility.

This control tower provides end-to-end supply chain visibility and real-time analysis capabilities of the company’s transportation network, with the capacity to manage an annual volume of more than 2.1 million operations and more than 254,000 routes each year.

Similarly, this platform has made it possible to create a management model that includes everything from route planning and optimization to administrative tasks related to distribution logistics, as well as supplier contracting and management and personalized management.

On the WeAreDigital web platform, two professionals who have played a decisive role in the project, such as Rafael Muñoz Rubio, Director of the Transport Business Unit, DHL Supply Chain, and Roberto Gamero, IT Director, DHL Supply Chain. The company’s experts analyze the path the operator has taken to optimize management with fewer empty kilometers, better route planning and greater sustainability thanks to savings in pollutant emissions.

All this, moreover, with the complexity of managing a fully outsourced fleet, composed of operators of very different sizes and varying degrees of digitization.


Focus on sustainability

In addition, this DHL Supply Chain project has also taken sustainability very much into account, especially by optimizing the use of resources and improving operational processes.

In short, through technology, the operator has managed to develop a single strategy for a highly complex transportation ecosystem.

The key to this has been a new organization by processes, supported by integral visibility in real time, with a clear vision oriented towards customer service and focused on eliminating blind spots in transportation operations.


WeAreDigital, a living space for digitization

WeAreDigital is configured as a living space designed to transmit the challenges of digitization in the business processes of customers who share how this process has been and how FIELDEAS has helped them to achieve it.

With this initiative, FIELDEAS wants WeAreDigital to become a container of digitalization experiences to facilitate the transition of other companies in a process in which it is essential to have technology partners who are truly aware and aligned with the needs of their customers.

After the cases of Repsol and DHL Supply Chain, FIELDEAS will be incorporating new experiences with new multimedia episodes in which the initiatives of other companies that have successfully advanced along the path of digital transformation in different sectors of activity will be collected to enrich the living space that makes up WeAreDigital.


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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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