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31 Jan 2023
Proyecto Citet Green&Digital

Logistics activity is undergoing two profound transformation processes. On the one hand, the energy transition seeks to achieve more sustainable supply chains. On the other, digitalization drives hyper-connected logistics chains, with capabilities to analyze data in real time.

Sustainability and digitalization are two of the fundamental pillars on which agile and resilient supply chains are built.

Both trends involve major technological challenges that require collaboration between public and private institutions. in order to adapt logistics activities to a new reality in which the generation of data and the channeling of the flow of information along supply chains is as valuable, from the point of view of business strategy, as the merchandise itself that moves along the logistics chains.

In this context, Citet, together with FIELDEAS, DHL, Uno, Alia and Usyncro have formed a consortium to jointly promote the development of the Green & Digital’ project SCM: Towards a Hyperconnected, Sustainable, Transparent and Sustained Supply Chain on Digital Documentation Models’, funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.


Green&Digital, a collaborative platform

This initiative aims to deepen the development and implementation of a collaborative digital platform, allowing the orchestration of the information exchange flow between shippers, operators, carriers and consignees to optimize their activities by eliminating low value-added tasks.

At the same time, the aim is also toachieve active monitoring of the information, allowing the different links in the chain to anticipate situations that may have an impact on the connected business processes.

However, as Óscar López, CEO of FIELDEAS, acknowledges, “from our perspective, there are two factors that have slowed down the implementation and application of digital documentation in the sector. Adoption rates for this technology are far from what we would like.”

The first of these, according to López, “is a problem of integration. Digital document management should not be taken as an isolated and decoupled element of the overall process, but should be approached with a holistic view, interconnecting this new capability within existing management flows.”

Likewise, the second factor is related, in the opinion of the CEO of FIELDEAS, to “the legal doubts that this type of technology still generates in the sector today”.

In this double area, FIELDEAS through the project Green&DigitalThe aim, as Lopez explains, is to “cover this need through a a global model that integrates document management within the transport tracking and management process and guarantees all document handling from a legal point of view.The company’s electronic document management system ensures compliance with Spanish regulations on the management of electronic documents. In this regard, technologies such as biometric data capture and digital sealing will enable full regulatory compliance in this area.”

FIELDEAS, technical leader of the Green&Digital project

FIELDEAS will lead the Green&Digital project in all technical aspects.

The technology company will bring to this collaborative experience its extensive experience in the digitization of the supply chain, as well as the development, testing and validation environments of the final system.

In this particular project, the following are involved launching a collaborative digital platformThe company has developed a comprehensive and integrated end-to-end logistics process, for the treatment of digital documentation linked to the process between agents, including the customer acceptance process, with legal validity through digital media.

Green&Digital project to be tested in DHL operations

The project, apart from having a fully operational prototype, will be tested at a leading international operator, DHL Supply Chain.

The work that will be tested in this company will ultimately allow us to extract a set of documentary conclusions that will serve as The company has been a lever in the dissemination and awareness of the sector, eliminating cultural, economic and legal barriers that have so far hindered the adoption of these solutions by the supply chain.

Specifically, the Green&Digital project will allow:

  • Develop a technological solution on real scenario that will incorporate visibility functions along the chain and integrating throughout the whole process the digital documentation and its interactions with total legal guarantee.
  • Prepare an operational impact study, focusing on the impact on processes and segmenting this impact by areas of the companies that participate in the chain.
  • To carry out an economic modeling of the operational impact, with a complete analysis based on the actual results of the pilot, allowing the establishment of return on investment scenarios.


Objectives of the ‘Green&Digital’ project

The ‘Green&Digital’ project involves the creation of a management model adapted to the sector and Spanish regulations to eliminate barriers to the adoption of digital management models adapted to the supply chain.

Specifically the initiative involves obtaining real-time information on transport operations through digital procedures and smart contracts.

To achieve this, the application of technologies such as AI, Biometrics and Blockchain is promoted to monitor the evolution of the activity and identify possible bottlenecks or impacts on the process.

The aim is to achieve the elimination of paper in loading and unloading operations with legal validity throughout the entire process, supported by biometric signature procedures.

The project thus seeks the availability of a validated technological solution ready to be launched on the market. through a SaaS and Cloud Computing model with a digital model with a low technological requirement and a high operational impact, which allows its implementation throughout the sector regardless of whether they are large corporations, SMEs and even freelancers.

The aim is to increase the visibility of the sector by disseminating the results through the main communication channels of the various project partners.

FIELDEAS is working to promote comprehensive and real-time visibility in logistics and transportation activities. To this end, the company promotes collaborative models aimed at driving the digitization of the supply chain in search of more agile and resilient ecosystems.

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Lola Hurtado

Marketing Manager at FIELDEAS

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