Main benefits of the digital consignment note for shippers

Relevant information for shippers who want to digitize their transport document management

13 Mar 2024
Principales beneficios de la carta de porte electrónica para cargadores_cabecera

Introducing the digital consignment note into the document management of transport operations is becoming increasingly important for shippers seeking greater efficiency and visibility in the supply chain.

It should be borne in mind that transportation is a key link in the management of supply chains and, therefore, a large part of any company’s logistical success depends on its efficiency and sustainability.

In this regard, the digitization of transport documentation provides greater control of the activity, resulting in multiple benefits such as cost reduction, inventory optimization, improved communication with carriers and customers, reduction of discrepancies and greater visibility and efficiency, among others.

In short, replacing the traditional consignment note with the eCMR favors the optimization of shippers’ activity, gaining in sustainability, efficiency and flexibility.

Improving chain visibility with digital consignment note

Supply chain visibility is the main objective of shippers and implementing the digital consignment note helps to achieve this goal thanks to several factors:

Real-time tracking

Electronic documentation allows for more accurate, real-time tracking of shipments. In this way, shippers can obtain up-to-date information on the location and status of their shipments, improving chain visibility.

Instant communication

An essential element for a successful transport operation is communication between the different agents involved. In this sense, the digital consignment note allows fluid and instantaneous communication between the different actors, which favors the ability to respond to disruptions in the supply chain.

Real-time information

Electronic documents provide instant access to key transport-related data, such as the date and time of delivery, the recipient’s signature and any incidents during transport. This real-time information enables better decision making and supply chain management.

Gain efficiency with the digital consignment note

Integrating the digital consignment note or eCMR boosts the sustainability of freight transportation, but also reduces the costs associated with printing, storage, handling and disposal costs of physical documents.

Moving from paper CMR to eCMR, therefore, involves:

  • Increased efficiency in document management
  • Simplification of administration
  • Increased control in the custody and retrieval of information
  • Significant time savings

Integrating your eCMR with other management systems

Another major benefit of the digital consignment note for shippers is that this solution can be easily integrated with other management systems, such as transportation (TMS), warehouse (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), among others.

In this way, the exchange of data between the different systems is constant and in real time, which favors a more complete vision of the chain and improves the decision-making process.

Improved communication with carriers with digital waybills

With real-time information, the electronic CMR enables smoother and more efficient communication between shippers and carriers, resulting in better coordination and management of shipments.

In addition, the CMR, delivery note and control document in digital format enable shippers to gain greater visibility of the supply chain, which in turn allows them to provide up-to-date and accurate information to their customers.

Ultimately, the digital waybill enables better coordination and collaboration between the different actors in the chain, which improves visibility and responsiveness to supply chain disruptions.

Reduce human error and increase data security with eCMR

The digital waybill allows to automate the data recording of a shipment, thus minimizing human errors in terms of incomplete or incorrect data that often occur in paper documentation.

The digitization of transport document management also increases data security. In this line, the digital consignment note acts as a contractual element whose information cannot be modified and must be accompanied by the advanced digital signature of each of the agents involved in the shipment, which prevents the alteration of the recorded data.

Thus, the digital transport documents are protected with encryption, guaranteeing the integrity of the information throughout the process.

Secure storage of the digital consignment note

In terms of security, it should be noted that the digital waybill is stored securely, so that only authorized agents can access its information.

Thus, in case of discrepancies, the digital documentation provides a clear and easily accessible record for authorized agents, which favors the resolution of disputes in record time.

Advantages of eCMR for shippers_infographic

SeamLess eCMR by FIELDEAS Track and Trace

With all of the above analyzed, it is the shipper who is called upon to lead the change and drive the digitalization of freight transport.

In this sense, the SeamLess eCMR from FIELDEAS Track and Trace allows you to lead the change in a simple, efficient and safe way. This solution is the most advanced on the market in terms of information processing, reliability of records and legal guarantee in their custody.

In fact, the FIELDEAS SeamLess eCMR Track and Trace:

  • It provides a complete view of the loading and unloading process with full legal guarantee.
  • Streamline logistics processes with electronic documentation.
  • Reduces administrative management costs by up to 90%.
  • It facilitates the processing of information by digitizing information that until now was handled on paper.
  • Eliminates mistakes in the transmission of documentary information between the different actors in the chain.
  • It provides greater transparency with customers by making all the documentation available to whoever needs it without further intermediaries.
  • Drives sustainability in transportation processes by proposing a paperless environment.

In addition, it is important to have an eCMR with a full legal guarantee, such as FIELDEAS Track and Trace, the most advanced, flexible and securesuch as FIELDEAS Track and Trace, the most advanced, flexible and secure leading Supply Chain Visibility platform on the market.

This software allows real-time supervision of multimodal transport operations and provides traceability of shipments from origin to delivery at destination by monitoring key information.

In this way, it helps its customers to control operations through a collaborative and hyper-connected logistics model for efficient, resilient and transparent supply chains.

eCRM demo for shippers
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